Sharon Stone in Thom Browne at the Met Gala: classic and beautiful

Sharon Stone was in a very staid Thom Browne striped sequin dress and cape. She told Keke Palmer that it was inspired by a dress that Browne’s mother owned in the 60s. It does have that classic silhouette and I really like this look. Keke complimented Sharon on her iconic

Kanye West accuses Universal of releasing Donda without his approval

Over the weekend, we were still talking about how Kanye West had invited collaborators like DaBaby and Marilyn Manson to work on his album Donda. Then Sunday morning, Donda suddenly dropped on streaming and people were praising it to high heaven. Considering how long Kanye was working on it, it

Linda Evans: Our 50s and 60s are the best years of our life

Hello Magazine has a new interview with Linda Evans, 78, featuring photos of her at home on the 70 acre estate in Washington state where she’s lived since 2000. Her sister, nephew and stepdaughter from her relationship with John Derek live there with her. (Linda was married to John from

Drew Barrymore on how often her daughters bathe: The smell can get real

Who’s perpetuating the Bathing Confessionals? Are celebs being asked about this on the reg now or do they all feel the need to weigh in on the subject unprompted? Drew Barrymore is the latest to chime in on washing. It’s okay, though, because it’s a regular occurrence in the Barrymore

NYC will require restaurant, theater & fitness patrons to show proof of vaccination

Last fall, I covered a story about boutique gyms struggling to stay in business during the pandemic. Many were changing their business models to focus on remote classes and personal training. Smaller New York City-based gyms were particularly upset by local laws that would allow larger facilities to open, but

Stephen Dorff: This years Oscars looked like a bad bar mitzvah, I was embarrassed

Everyone is so mad at Stephen Dorff! It’s amazing. Dorff is currently promoting Embattled, and he’s doing all of these interviews in the UK, and his trash-talking is next-level. People have called him an “edge-lord,” a misogynist and a heap of trash, all because the dude is providing good content!

Heidi Klum on renewing her vows to Seal every year: You cant say I didnt try

Heidi Klum was married to her second husband, Seal, for about eight years. Their wedding ceremony at a resort in Costa Careyes Mexico was attended by Heidi, Seal and Heidi’s daughter, Leni, who Seal later adopted. On each anniversary following, they renewed their vows at same resort. The ceremonies grew