Will my dog be put down for attacking a human?

DANGEROUS dog attacks appear to be on the rise amid several high-profile incidents this year. Many UK pet owners have been left wondering where it leaves them in terms of the law. Here we outline what it states. What does the law say about a dog attacking a human? Since

Daniel Craig let down men everywhere with his woke James Bond who doesn’t sleep around and was outshone by Ana de Armas

WE don’t have much left to look up to as blokes – but James Bond was always a safe bet. Until now. Handsome, tough and charming, the world’s most famous super spy has long been the patron saint of masculinity — and like millions of men I wanted to be

United Airlines down: Travel company experiencing system-wide outage causing issues boarding and using website

UNITED Airlines is experiencing a huge outage causing issues for passengers boarding planes and using the website. Reports that the website was down started to arise at 7am EST on Friday morning. Users were experiencing issues with both the website and the app, including having trouble logging in. In a

Is NatWest down? Online banking problems explained

NOT being able to access your cash during a banking web outage can leave you in the lurch. Hundreds of customers reported problems accessing the NatWest website and mobile app on August 20 due to a Sky internet issue. How can I check if NatWest or RBS is down? Both

Lizzo Breaks Down In Tears Reacting To 'Fatphobic' & 'Racist' Critics Over Rumors Release

Lizzo is opening up to the world after some unkind comments starting popping up regarding the release of her new single, Rumors. The 33-year-old pop star took to Instagram Live on Sunday to level with fans — and critics, too — in a nearly 13-minute-long video. Fighting back tears, the Detroit-born, Minneapolis-made

Pre-election, battening down reform hatches

Credit:Illustration: Cathy Wilcox To submit a letter to The Age, email [email protected] Please include your home address and telephone number. VICTORIA Pre-election, battening down reform hatches Labor seems to have capitulated again to Victoria Police and shut down reform of cannabis legislation (The Age, 5/8). As usual the Liberals stand

Texas cop pinned down and handcuffed ‘suicidal’ black teenager ,18 as she vomited and screamed ‘I can’t breathe’

A TEXAS cop was filmed pinning down and handcuffing a black teenager as she vomited and screamed “I can’t breathe”.  Nekia Trigg, 18, had reportedly run in front of cars in Forney, near Dallas, to take her own life when she was found by the officer.  Footage shows the Texas

Woman breaks down in tears as husband rents out an entire cinema to show her their lost wedding video

MANY couples choose to pay for a videographer on their big day so they can cherish the moment forever. But for one couple, tragedy struck when their wedding video was somehow erased so they never got to watch it back. But some 14 years later, the doting husband managed to

Long Covid may strike down 5,000 Brits a DAY by end of the summer, minister admits but he insists 'we have to reopen'

THOUSANDS of Brits could be struck down with long Covid every day within the next six weeks, a minister has admitted. Kwasi Kwarteng said it's "not beyond the imagination" that 5,000 people will suffer the condition daily as cases rocket to 100,000 by the end of summer. 🔵 Read our