Women go wild for £14 hot water bottle ‘pouch’ which is a lifesaver for stomach cramp pain relief

AS THE temperatures plummet and we hurtle towards winter, hot water bottles are on everybody's mind. But as most women know, there's another all-year-round use for them, pain relief at that time of the month. Now women are going wild for £13.99 hot water bottle 'pouch' from Amazon – which

What are the ratings for The Bachelorette?

WHILE The Bachelorette is all about finding love, some seasons end up doing better than others. Here we explore the ratings of the past few seasons of The Bachelorette. What has been the most popular Bachelorette series so far? According to TV Insider, the season with the highest viewership and

Durham University blasted for 'victim blaming' in drink spiking tweet

Students blast Durham University bosses for ‘victim blaming’ over ‘Don’t Get Spiked’ tweet warning them that drink-spiking is ‘something you can prevent from happening to you and your friends’ Durham University Student Wellbeing wrote on its Twitter page ‘don’t get spiked’ It advised students at the site to protect others by

Councillor jailed for making chilling threat to Workington MP and council chief exec

A COUNCILLOR was yesterday jailed for making a chilling threat towards his MP.  Peter Little, 37, said in the late-night email sent to council chief exec Andrew Seekings: “You and the MP are f*cked.” Mr Seekings immediately alerted his local force and the Met about the comment which was directed

Alex Murdaugh to appear for SC bond hearing after 5 days behind bars

Alex Murdaugh’s attorney admits disgraced lawyer knows he’s going to jail Criminal defense attorney Brian Claypool reacts to the latest development in the Murdaugh family murder mystery saga Alex Murdaugh is expected to appear in a South Carolina courtroom Tuesday morning for a bond hearing on recent charges stemming for

David Duchovny Auditioned for Full House — But Was 'Wrong' for Every Role!

He probably would have missed out on “X-Files” entirely had he landed a part on the show. Could you see David Duchovny as Danner Tanner? During an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, the actor revealed he auditioned for all three male leads on the popular sitcom “Full House” —

Splurge For The Cause With Breast Cancer Awareness Buys

Too many of us have been touched in some way by breast cancer. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women and death rates in the U.S. are higher than those for any other cancer, except for lung cancer. In women under 45, breast cancer is more common

Man sentenced to death for killing wife, baby and three relatives

Alabama bigamist is sentenced to death for killing pregnant second wife, cutting full-term fetus from her body and stabbing it, and murdering her son, 8, nephew, 1, as well as his mom-in-law who was knifed in her EYES Christopher Henderson, 46, was convicted of 15 counts of capital murder and