What happened at the Superdome?

CAESARS Superdome is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. On September 21, 2021, FOX 8 anchor Kelsey Davis first reported that the building was on fire. What happened at the Superdome? Reports started coming in around 1pm on Tuesday afternoon that the roof was on fire. In a video posted on

Heres What Happened To These Billion-Dollar Companies Once The CEO Stepped Down

  Recent news headlines announced Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos would step down as chief executive officer after 25 years. Bezos grew the business from a small online bookstore into a global go-to for everything from home décor to groceries to craft supplies. According to Forbes, Bezos has been known for

What happened to Karen Derrico from Doubling Down with the Derricos?

KAREN and Deon Derrico are the stars of TLC's Doubling Down with the Derricos. On the episode that aired Tuesday August 4, 2021, Karen updated fans abouther pregnancy. What happened to Karen Derrico from Doubling Down with the Derricos? The mother of 14 revealed that in late 2020, she suffered

Heres What Happened to Marvin and Melindas Relationship from Too Hot To Handle<\/em>

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle. As the trolls rage and keyboard bang—wHy Is MeNS HeaLTH CoVERiNG ToO HOt ToO HANdlE??—we look upon your disgust and we do not care. Too Hot to Handle is goddang peak entertainment content, featuring everything we love,

What happened to Rep. Nancy Mace's home?

NANCY Mace is a Republican serving as the US Representative for South Carolina's 1st congressional district since 2021. An incident at Mace's home recently sparked a bipartisan debate. Who is Nancy Mace? Nancy Mace was born on December 4, 1977, in South Carolina, where she currently lives. She was the first

Watch What Happened When an Olympic Runner Challenged a Bodybuilder to a Fitness Competition

In his latest video, former Olympian turned vlogger Nick Symmonds challenges fellow YouTuber Nick Bare to a charity game of H.O.R.S.E., a fitness challenge wherein each time somebody “fails” a round, they are given a letter. The first person to be given all five letters loses the game, and has

“What happened when my private Facebook pictures became revenge porn”

Written by Eve Livingston When Ruby, 28, found intimate images of herself online, she felt violated and betrayed. Now, she is turning her experience into action and calling for the law to better support victims.  It was during a lockdown walk with her dad and brother that Ruby, 28, received

What happened after Mike Krzyzewski belittled student reporter

More On: college basketball Don’t bet on Syracuse in this ACC clash There is one part of March Madness that sadly can’t happen this year Why Miami will beat Notre Dame Strategy for betting on college basketball futures Longtime Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski apologized to the student reporter whom