The 4 Best All-Purpose Pans

All-purpose pans are the foundation of every cookware collection, so it’s important to have at least one that you love. The best all-purpose pans are made from durable, easy-to-clean materials and can be used for a wide variety of recipes and cooking techniques. When choosing a new frying pan, the

The 5 Best Scalp Masks

Unlike the majority of hair masks on the market, most scalp masks focus less on hair and more on skin, though it’s important to remember that the two are inherently related. So naturally, choosing the best scalp mask for you will depend on two things: your skin type, and the

The 9 Best Striped Shirts

The stripe is a versatile and classic pattern to wear, and the best striped shirts are ones that Amazon reviewers love — that also happen to fit your unique look. Stripes can range from bold and colorful to simple and elegant, and striped shirts come in a bunch of different

The 3 Best Microwave Steamers

The same technology that enables a microwave to cook food in record time also makes it an ideal appliance for efficiently steaming foods like vegetables, fish, and dumplings. The best microwave steamers will be sized for your cooking needs and storage limitations, and they’ll also do double-duty as storage containers,

The 8 Best Contour Kits

Single contour sticks may appeal to novices and minimalists; but once you know how to finesse them a little bit, contour kits are equally approachable — and much more versatile. The best contour kits come in either cream or powder forms, and they’re equipped with at least three shades for

The 5 Best Lip Balms For Sensitive Lips

Our lips are a sensitive and special area of our bodies, explains board-certified dermatologist Dr. Tatyana Nektalova to Elite Daily. "They look different than the rest of your skin — that’s because they are. Lips have no oil glands. Their skin is very thin. Together, these factors, make them naturally

59 Random Products On Amazon That Are Straight Fire

Mascara that tints your eyelashes with mashed-up blackberries, a sink cleaner that shoots nuclear air blasts through your drain, and a gadget that pumps up balloons inside your wine to keep it fresh — there are some seriously weird products on Amazon. When you scroll through the online retailer’s never-ending

The 5 Best Face Washes For Cystic Acne

Every skin care regimen starts with a good cleanser, and if you’re dealing with cystic acne, ensuring that you’re using the right one is more important than ever. According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Y. Claire Chang, with whom Elite Daily spoke for this article, the best face washes for cystic

The 3 Best Electric Wine Openers

Forget fumbling around with a manual corkscrew — the best electric wine openers make it an absolute breeze to open your favorite bottle of wine. The best electric openers are easy to operate with the press of a button and should take only a few seconds to pull out the

60 Things That Make Your Home Look A Lot Better For Less Than $35

Looking to give your home a refresh but don’t quite have the funds to splurge on a full makeover? No worries. Instead of breaking the bank to transform your space, you can pinch pennies to achieve an equally stunning result. If my years of shopping have taught me nothing else,