Dad’s horror as kids, 3 & 5, vomit and die after eating poisonous fruit in their garden they thought were apples

A DAD has been left distraught as his kids vomit and die after eating poisonous fruit in their garden that they thought were apples. Jhofran Mathias Gonzalez Chaya, 5, and sister Amira, 3, ate from a small tree known locally as "bola de toro", which bears the giant and toxic

‘Halloween Kills’ Make-up and VFX Artist Reveals Insane Process Used for That Dr. Loomis Cameo

Donald Pleasence’s Dr. Samuel Loomis first appears in the 1978 original Halloween. A few of the sequels includes the protagonist. Pleasence died in 1995, but Malcolm McDowell reprised the character in Rob Zombie’s Halloween installments. Halloween Kills briefly brings Pleasence’s Loomis back in an original scene that takes place after

‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Is Not the First Time Fans Have Seen Madison Iseman

The horror reboot series I Know What You Did Last Summer is coming to Amazon Prime Video. Based on the 1997 horror cult classic, the series follows a new group of teenagers. After covering up a dark secret, they are stalked by a hook-wielding killer. Although the horror series features

'Chucky': Everything You Need to Know About the 'Child's Play' Films Before the TV Series

The new Syfy and USA series Chucky follows seven horror movies that began with 1988’s Child’s Play. The story is not so simple as a killer doll stalks new victims in each sequel. Every movie further developed the story, and they’re all worth seeing so highly recommended. But, if you

Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds' Was Inspired By a Real-Life Bird Attack in California

Alfred Hitchcock is a well-known Academy Award-winning horror filmmaker who made a name for himself as the Master of Suspense. It was his unique take on horror and stylistic camera work that earned him that title. Hitchcock is considered one of the most prolific filmmakers in all of Hollywood history.

Coronation Street horror smash as Dev Alahan's car hit by Harvey Gaskell's prison van

CORONATION Street's Dev Alahan will be caught up in Harvey Gaskell's prison escape. New filming pictures have revealed that businessman Dev and his children Asha and Aadi will be involved in a horror car crash when Harvey's prison van smashes into them. The snaps show Dev's car breaking down while

Family's horror after 'finding dirty knickers under bed' in 'disgusting' holiday park

A FAMILY has told of their horror at finding dirty knickers shoved underneath the bed in a holiday park. Peter Ashman, 42, described poo-stained sheets and a "rancid stench" in his chalet at the Pontins Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park in Wales. The coach driver spent £249 on a four-day stay with his

Dad's horror as missing nine-year-old daughter's body parts found in lake after she vanished on way to sweet shop

THE body parts of a nine-year-old girl who vanished on the way to a sweet shop have tragically been discovered in a lake. A major murder hunt has been launched after a plastic bag containing Nastya Muravyova’s remains was found dumped amongst reeds at Obrochny Lake in Russia. Cops had

Afghanistan news LIVE – Horror video show Afghans fall from PLANE after fleeing Taliban by clinging to wings on take-off

HARROWING video shows two stowaways falling to their deaths from a transport aircraft taking off at Kabul airport. The two fell several hundred feet from the C-17 transport plane as thousands of desperate Afghans try flee the victorious Taliban. The stampede at Kabul Airport has already left five people dead with more

Chucky Plays Video Games and Goes Trick or Treating In TV Series

There have been seven Child’s Play movies (not counting the 2019 remake). Each of the horror movies was 90 minutes. The Chucky TV series on Syfy and USA will be the longest fans have spent with the killer doll all at once. Over the eight episode series, you’ll also get