How often should you wash your jeans?

With National Hygiene Week in full swing, it’s only natural that we are thinking more about our everyday cleaning habits. Over the past few years, we’ve investigated how often you should wash your bedsheets and towels and even your bras, but now it’s the turn of the hero item in

This is how you can prevent puffy eyes while sleeping

Under-eye circles can appear on even the most rested of faces, so having a routine that shows this sensitive area some TLC is never a bad idea. If dark circles seem to be a constant companion, you can likely blame genetics. Cosmetic dermatologist, Paul Jarrod Frank, told Allure that, “The undereye area

From reality TV to Vogue: How Kim Kardashian shook fashion’s snobbery

Two years ago, the Business of Fashion (BOF) interviewed Kim Kardashian West and her "momager" Kris Jenner, about the family's leap from reality-TV stars to fashion and beauty moguls. Host Imran Amed asked the pair whether their business ventures, which include skincare, make-up and clothing, could survive without their hit

How many people can attend a funeral? – The Sun

FINAL farewells are hard enough – but coronavirus restrictions have made attending funerals even more difficult. And the updated rules mean some could miss out saying goodbye to their loved ones following an increase in covid cases. ⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates How

How did Ethan is Supreme die?

ETHAN is Supreme, a YouTube star and beauty influencer, has died at the age of 17. Friends and fans have taken to social media to pay tribute to the teenager. Who was Ethan is Supreme? Ethan is Supreme was the online persona of Ethan Peter. He became a star on

How many of these bad sex and love habits have you been guilty of?

Are YOU a sex and relationship sinner? Tracey Cox reveals how to clean up your act if you flirt for an ego boost or pretend to want something more when it’s just casual sex Tracey Cox describes four habits which are less acceptable then they ever were One is flirting

How to deal with vi-brow (that's acne and irritation caused by wearing a visor)

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown up a load of challenges we didn’t expect. Alongside all the lingering effects of lockdown (it’s even made our car sickness worse), we’re also navigating a new world of wearing face masks and visors – which have brought about their own issues. If you’ve been

How Did Donald Trump React To Sarah Cooper's TikToks of Him?

For a moment, President Donald Trump thought he scored a new fan when asked for his reaction to comedian Sarah Cooper’s viral TikToks about him. Cooper’s fame exploded at the dawn of the pandemic. Her TikTok, “How to Medical” garnered 20 million views and Cooper has built off of that

How 'Handmaid's Tale' Team Built a Ruined Washington, DC (Video)

“There were a ton of limitations that the [National] Mall put on us,” VFX producer Stephen Lebed tells TheWrap “The Handmaid’s Tale” went to Washington, D.C. for its third season, revealing the capital of the fictional Gilead, which looks very, very different from our nation’s seat of government in present

How Barcelona could line up under Jurgen Klopp with Van Dijk and Salah joining Lionel Messi and Co

BARCELONA'S ploy to lure Jurgen Klopp to the Nou Camp could spell bad news for Liverpool fans. The fallen giants recently appointed Ronald Koeman on a two-year deal following their 8-2 Champions League humiliation to Bayern Munich. But Koeman is regarded as a short-term solution after presidential candidate Jordi Farre