NYPD line-of-duty injuries skyrocket amid violent anti-police protests

They’re NYPD black and blue. At least 472 cops across all ranks have been injured responding to riots and protests since May 28,  department data shows. Officers have been shot at, stabbed, assaulted with rocks, bricks, struck by vehicles and had Molotov cocktails hurled at them, officials said. Of those

Line Of Duty’s Adrian Dunbar reveals where Ted Hastings one-liners came from

Superintendent Ted Hastings’ razor-sharp one-liners have lightened dark plot lines, ­inspired drinking games and helped BBC crime drama Line of Duty win more than 10 million viewers. Delivering them in his Northern Irish brogue while glowering from under his luscious, swept-over hair has made actor Adrian Dunbar a heart-throb at