These Makeup Brush Sets From Sephora Have Your Entire Face Covered

These Makeup Brush Sets From Sephora Have Your Entire Face Covered Even if you apply foundation with your fingers and tackle eyeshadow palettes with a pinky, chances are there’s some makeup item you either can’t, or would prefer not to, apply with just your digits. Or, maybe you’ve nailed an

Makeup artist creates gory illusions that look like food bursting out of skin

A make-up artist has created a sequence of bizarre and rather gruesome food illusions on her skin. Angela Jaynes, also known as Kalypsoh online, 27, from Boston, U.S, says she enjoys creating looks using special effects, oil paint and clay. The artist creates food illusions on the skin which appear as though her leg has

Why makeup testers will be a thing of the past

It seems as though those fun trips with your friends to test out different types of makeup has come to an end. Many beauty stores are no longer allowing customers to try on communal new shades of lipstick or other products before purchasing them. This might cause an issue for

Can we talk about Meghan Markle’s highlighter? We look at how experts recreate it

Can you think of a single royal engagement or outing when the Duchess of Sussex‘s skin hasn’t been glowing? Us Neither. Her skin looked particularly incredible during her royal tour to South Africa and back in February when she was photographed heading into the Natural History Museum. Turns out the

Sophie Turner Practices Makeup Skills on Joe Jonas Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Sharing two photos of her singer husband sporting electric neon pink and lilac eyeshadow, the ‘Game of Thrones’ actress informs fans that he finally allowed her to do his makeup. AceShowbiz –Sophie Turner has spruced up her husband Joe Jonas with a striking eyeshadow look after giving him a COVID-19

The Art Of Video Call Makeup: What To Know Before Your Next Zoom Meeting

Working from home is a major adjustment in almost every way. Some of those are positive (no pants required) and others are, well, a little more complicated (endless distractions). If you’ve recently transitioned to working from home, it can be hard to navigate — even without a pandemic to worry about.

A Makeup Artist on TikTok Transformed Herself Into Timothée Chalamet, and I Am Screaming

This Timothée Chalamet Transformation Has Already Been Cast in the Next Little Women Timothée Chalamet is inimitable. In the age of advanced makeup artistry and TikTok trickery, however, he might not be as inimitable as we thought. Charlotte Roberts, a 16-year-old makeup artist and blogger, recently went viral for her