Not even my own family know my politics, says the BBC's Fiona Bruce

Not even my own family know my politics, says the BBC’s Fiona Bruce (are you listening, Emily Maitlis?) Newsreader Fiona Bruce, 57, says she took a ‘vow of silence’ decades ago She takes pride that both Right and Left-wing activists take offence at her shows But unlike Emily Maitlis, Ms

Will my dog be put down for attacking a human?

DANGEROUS dog attacks appear to be on the rise amid several high-profile incidents this year. Many UK pet owners have been left wondering where it leaves them in terms of the law. Here we outline what it states. What does the law say about a dog attacking a human? Since

I feed my family-of-five £2 meals every day and we NEVER double up during the week – here's how I do it

FEEDING your family can certainly be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. This thrifty shopper manages to feed her family of five £2 meals every single day, and they NEVER double up during the week. Gemma Brooks, 32 from Hertfordshire has three kids aged nine, five and two and

My world stopped when the sonographer scanning my baby looked at me and just said 'sorry'

A MUM has told of the horrifying moment a sonographer turned to her and said “sorry” while conducting an ultrasound of her unborn baby. Laura Woodward, 24, said her world went into “slow motion” in fear for her baby girl. She and her partner, Adam Porter, 30, knew they were having

Hunger Strike! My Four Year Old Is Not Eating! | Perez Hilton

Our baby, Mayte Amor, has lost her appetite. Grandma got very concerned. Very very worried. So.. we ended up at the pediatrician’s to get her checked out. Lots of updates! Check it out above! CLICK HERE to watch more of Perez’s family videos! Strike while it’s hot and get $2

I had a toxic break-up with my ex but it was my duty to protect the kids, Alice Evans & Ioan Gruffudd must remember that

ANY parent who has been through a break-up knows that it is one of the most challenging periods you will ever encounter. I have lived it personally, when my own relationship of ten years broke down after my ex cheated with a friend of mine. We divorced in 2008, but

My husband keeps getting promoted at work – he has no idea it’s because I’m having sex with his boss

ONE WOMAN has stunned the internet by confessing how her husband keeps getting promotions so she has more time to spend with his boss. She anonymously admitted to her secret on the Twitter account, Fesshole, which encourages people to anonymously confess their sins. Most people enjoy their partner getting a

I threw my baby a birthday party but only one person came so now I don’t bother, people always call me out about it

A MUM has revealed that she takes her children on holiday, rather than throwing them a birthday party. Skye Hitchcock, a mother-of-three, posted the video to her TikTok account, where it has been viewed over 600k times. The young mum and her husband, are believed to live in the US,

My son suffers badly from depression but he still can't get help

DEAR DEIDRE: MY son suffers badly from depression but because he hasn’t significantly injured himself or needed to stay in hospital it seems he isn’t a priority. He is 19. He hasn’t been well for a number of years, but I’ve only learned just how serious it was since he