Portland protesters and rioters clash with police for 62nd consecutive day

FOR the 62nd night in a row protesters clashed with police in downtown Portland Wednesday night, as federal agents tear-gassed demonstrators again and arrested several hundred people. Federal agents issued their first warning of the night to protesters shortly before 11pm, cautioning people to leave the courthouse area, a few

Protesters rally to save NYC Museum's Roosevelt statue

Protesters rally to save NYC’s Museum of Natural History’s Teddy Roosevelt statue as de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo back its removal Rally organised by the New York Young Republican Club called for statue to stay   New York’s Museum of Natural History said statue of Roosevelt is to be removed NYC mayor Bill

Black Lives Matter protesters tear down statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and behead 4 others in Richmond

BLACK Lives Matter protesters tore down a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis in Virginia overnight and beheaded four other historic monuments. The attacks came as demonstrators across the country continued to target symbols of white supremacy in the wake of the death of George Floyd. Across the country, at

Lockdown protesters wear masks with SWASTIKAS on them in video ‘posted on far-right conspiracy theory forum’ – The Sun

CORONAVIRUS lockdown protesters wore swastika face masks while shopping at a grocery store in California and called Gov Gavin Newsom a "Nazi" — and posted a video of the incident online. Dustin Hart, identified as the man in the video, uploaded the 14-minute clip online on Saturday, as he said

Anti-China protesters erect 'Lady Liberty' on mountain over Hong Kong

Anti-China protesters erect ‘Lady Liberty’ statue on famous mountain overlooking Hong Kong showing a woman in a gas mask carrying an umbrella and black flag The 13-foot ‘Lady Liberty’ statue was hauled up Lion Rock mountain last night  Statue proclaims protest slogan ‘liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times’  A team

Hong Kong protesters defy face mask ban and take to the streets

Hong Kong protesters defy face mask ban and take to the streets for second night of unrest as lawmakers launch bid to have the rule overturned Thousands of protesters wearing masks staged  marches and flashmob protests across Hong Kong today A group of pro-democracy politicians filed a legal challenge against