Sailor spent nightmarish four years trapped aboard Egyptian cargo ship

More On: egypt 2,000-year-old pregnant mummy discovery ‘shocked’ scientists Egypt archeologists unearth 110 ancient tombs in Nile Delta ISIS affiliate claims responsibility for Egypt beheadings Eleven dead, 98 injured after train derails in Egypt A Syrian sailor spent a frightening four years trapped aboard a cargo ship off the Egyptian

Britons spent a record-breaking £10.9BILLION on groceries in November

Britons spent a record-breaking £10.9BILLION on groceries in November as the industry enjoyed its best ever month of sales – with six million households shopping online Kantar data showed visits to stores hit its highest level since start of pandemic More than six million households shopped at a grocer online

MOD spent £8,500 on snacks and gave £25k in PPE to the Ukrainian army

MOD spent £8,500 on snacks and gave £25k in PPE to the Ukrainian army Military chiefs scoffed £8,514 of biscuits in 2019, compared with £6,348 in 2018 Officials ate more than £700 worth of Meredith and Drew biscuits every month Military bosses gave £25,000 worth of PPE to the Ukrainian

Rochester PD spent $1.4M in OT so far on Daniel Prude, BLM protests

Rochester police spent more than $1.4 million on overtime in under three weeks responding to Black Lives Matter demonstrations stemming from the police-custody death of Daniel Prude, according to a report. The bulk of the OT for cops in the upstate city came during the first two weeks of this

Joe Biden spent decades warning of voter fraud — now called a myth by Dems

The Democratic Party line treats voter fraud as little more than a GOP fever dream — yet the party’s presidential candidate Joe Biden spent decades of his career sounding the alarm about it. Biden, the Democratic standard bearer, consistently shared GOP concerns about voter fraud during his 36 years as

My man’s spent £20k on Botox, fillers & having fake abs sculpted onto his body – now he’s too poor to take me for dinner

FURLOUGHED office assistant Kelly Meyers is never taken to dinner, given birthday gifts or splashed out on.  It’s because her long-term boyfriend Adam Baroni has spent ALL their cash on makeup and surgery – and even had fake abs sculpted on. Security guard Adam, 41, is so scared of ageing,

Britain spent £20m on drugs promoted by Donald Trump

Britain spent £20m on anti-HIV and malaria drugs promoted by Donald Trump as cures for Covid-19 despite no solid evidence that they work The UK government spent nearly £20mn on drugs including hydroxychloroquine Contracts with Britis-based firms were entered into without tendering  Donald Trump has previously hailed hydroxychloroquine as a

House of Commons has spent £400,000 on hush money for staff who were forced out – The Sun

HUNDREDS of thousands of pounds was spent by the House of Commons on hush money for staff who were forced out. Over £800,000 was spent on 15 settlements – with seven and nearly half the money spent on non-disclosure agreements over the last three years. The House of Lords spent

Mum who’s spent £10k on her 10-year-old daughter’s beauty pageant dream blasts trolls who shame the contests

A MUM who has spent over £10,000 on her 10-year-old daughter's dream to become a beauty pageant queen has hit back at trolls who shame the contests. Lou Handy, 37, has splashed thousands on Mia's dresses, false lashes and fake tanning sessions in preparation for her pageants – as well

The Royals Spent The Day At The Royal Ascot Races

Even though Duchess Meghan wasn’t there to scream “move your bloomin’ ass” from the stands or make some other gauche faux pas like she did at Trooping The Colour, there was still plenty of excitement to be had at the opening day of the Royal Ascot horse race. The annual