How the rich are spending scary amounts on Halloween

How the rich are spending scary amounts on Halloween: £550 pumpkin cakes. Couture costumes. And parties for a horrifying £100,000 Jade Beer reveals the top trends the super-rich are embracing this Halloween Charlotte Aitken, of Albion Parties, says ‘London elite’ spend thousands on décor Chris Murphy, of Tuck-Box Cake, says one

‘Why is he giving the game away?’ – Ex-F1 star Damon Hill ‘surprised’ by Lewis Hamilton’s radio complaint during US GP

FORMULA ONE icon Damon Hill has spoke of his surprise at Lewis Hamilton 'giving the game away' on the team radio during the United States Grand Prix. The Mercedes driver voiced concerns over his pace during Sunday's race as he finished second behind Max Verstappen at the Circuit of the

What did the alleged Brian Laundrie 'suicide note' say?

THE SEARCH for Brian Laundrie may have ended, but the internet still has a lot to say about the case. Recently, a suicide note alleged to be written by Brian Laundrie has been circulating across social media. What does the alleged 'suicide note' say? Following the discovery of Brian Laundrie's

Britons do not understand the term 'carbon footprint', poll finds

Britons do not understand the term ‘carbon footprint’ despite intense media coverage, poll finds Some 42 per cent of Britons don’t know what a ‘carbon footprint’ is, a poll found In Leicester the survey figure is 53 per cent, and in Newcastle it is 46 per cent Glasgow, where COP26

COP26: How will the Oz soft-shoe climate shuffle be received?

In 1997 leaders from around the world met in Kyoto, Japan, to sign an agreement on curbing emissions to fight climate change. In its 20 pages there is a passage that became known as “the Australia clause”. Article 3.7, which the Howard government’s environment minister Robert Hill pushed for during

I have the neighbour from hell – she pours her kid’s potty on my doorstep and flicks dog poo at my front door

ONE woman says she has the worst neighbour, as the woman next door empties her kids potty in her front garden and even throws her dog's poo at her front door. Fuming, the woman says that the neighbour's antics are "a daily occurrence." Taking to her TikTok account, the woman

What are the ratings for The Bachelorette?

WHILE The Bachelorette is all about finding love, some seasons end up doing better than others. Here we explore the ratings of the past few seasons of The Bachelorette. What has been the most popular Bachelorette series so far? According to TV Insider, the season with the highest viewership and

Meet the celebrity kid wardrobe raiders – from Harper Beckham in VB’s slinky dress to Zahara Jolie in her mum’s gown

WHEN you have a famous mum, chances are they may have an enviable wardrobe to raid if you are ever stuck on what to wear.  This week, Angelina Jolie's daughter Zahara, 16, stunned as she wore her mother's beaded Elie Saab 2014 Oscar's dress to the red carpet premiere of