When It Comes to Comfy-Chic Fashion, This Sweater Takes the Cake

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. When we spotted this sweater on Amazon, something happened. A spark lit within us, a smile graced our face and everything suddenly smelled like warm, fresh, chocolate chip cookies. Were we baking cookies

Google threatens to remove its search function in Australia

Google threatens to remove its search function in Australia if law forcing it to pay media companies for content is passed Regulator found a power imbalance between media and Google and Facebook  Australian government wants to pass a new law to force Google to pay for news  Google has threatened

Dry Hands? A Guide to the Most Nourishing, Moisturizing Products

Manicurist Anatole Rainy calls himself a “classicist,” but we’re still all about these gold Dior nails. “Electric Company,” photographed by Richard Burbridge, styled by Vanessa Chow; W magazine May 2014. Eyes may be windows into the soul, but hands often give far more insight into somebody’s personality and their way

Antifa website redirects to White House website moments after Biden sworn in on Inauguration Day

THE Antifa website is currently redirecting to the White House page following Biden's inauguration. The apparent hack took place just minutes after Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Read our Inauguration Day 2021 live blog for the very latest news and updates on Joe

Meri Brown: I’m Ready to Own My Truth! Are You?!?

Unapologetic. That’s how Meri Brown is feeling at the moment. Meaning what, exactly? In regard to what, precisely? The veteran Sister Wives star is happy to tell you… in cryptic, vague, broad and sort of mysterious fashion. As she has done so often over the past several months, Brown took

No10 told to ensure Covid vaccine uptake stays high seven-days-a-week

No10 told to ‘throw as much money as possible’ at the NHS to ensure Covid vaccine uptake stays high seven days a week after a 30% drop in the number of people receiving jabs last weekend Blip over weekend saw third fewer Britons vaccinated than on week days  Think-tanks said

Pfizer responds to Cuomo, says HHS approval needed to sell COVID vaccine to NY

More On: COVID vaccine California shelves batch of Moderna vaccines over allergy concerns NY still not allowing immunocompromised to receive COVID-19 vaccine Beware the experts who want lockdowns to go on forever ‘Catastrophic moral failure’: WHO slams COVID vaccine distribution Pfizer says it would need federal approval to sell its

Who sings the theme song to Traces?

BBC DRAMA Traces has had viewers hooked with it's tale of murder and deceit. The six-part drama follows Emma Hedges (Molly Windsor) as she returns to Dundee to start her new job as a lab technician, only to uncover the grisly details of her mother's death. Who sings the theme