The Truth About Chris Evans And Minka Kellys Relationship

Chris Evans is apparently an “extremely cool ex-boyfriend,” according to Vanity Fair. The actor has had his fair share of Hollywood relationships, from Jenny Slate to Jessica Biel, but apparently, he’s had “no bad breakups.” Evans even told Elle in 2017, “… I’ve had no bad breakups in my life. Typically, if

The Truth About Kanye Wests Dating History

Kanye West is rarely out of the news, and that’s as much caused by his personal life as it is his music. The news that the rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian are divorcing rocked Hollywood in early 2021, but theirs is not the first of Ye’s high-profile relationships. Per

The Truth About Gossip Girl Star Jordan Alexander

Your favorite gossip queen is back and ready to stir up a new generation of drama. As HBO revives “Gossip Girl” fandom, the fan-favorite show is getting a whole new cast of Upper East Side elites. Set in the same streets of New York City fans grew to love the first time

The Truth About Drew Lachey And Nick Lachey’s Relationship

Drew Lachey and brother Nick Lachey have a bond that runs much deeper than your average set of brothers. So, it’s no surprise that Nick had nothing but good things to say about their relationship during an interview in September 2019. “You know, we’re super close so it was awesome

The Truth About Victoria Beckham’s Skin Care Routine

Just one of the many enviable qualities of Victoria Beckham is her glowing skin. From her flawless makeup to her dewy look, Posh Spice has all the makings of a beauty maven. The mother-of-four’s facialist gave We Wore What a closer look at everything in the former model’s skincare bag.

The Truth About Zac Efron And Taylor Swift’s Relationship

Ellen DeGeneres’ long-running talk show is coming to an end, but as it will have 19 seasons under its belt before it concludes, the series had plenty of moments that may have gone too far. Sometimes, this was on behalf of the episodic guest, but sometimes Ellen herself took matters

The Truth About Edie Falco’s Relationship With Stanley Tucci

In 2002, Edie Falco and Stanley Tucci were cast as the leads in the Broadway revival of “Frankie and Johnny.” The play began with the two fully nude in bed together, which according to Falco was the only way to “make an audience believe” the two characters were having sex

The Truth About Takuma Sato’s Wife

Takuma Sato is one of the most accomplished IndyCar racers of all time — he won the 2020 Indy 500 and “was the first Japanese driver to win an Indy car race,” per He’s also won the race six times throughout his career, so it’s safe to say he’s

The Truth About Trisha Paytas

Gen-Z and Millenials have brought forth a new era of celebrity: the social media influencer. Platforms like Youtube, Instagram and TikTok have lifted the voices of thousands, if not millions, of wanna-be influencers, even rocketing a six-year-old to millionaire status (via Forbes.) With an endless amount of power and money

Shahs Of Sunset: The Truth About Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid’s Husband

“Shahs of Sunset” star Mercedes “MJ” Javid’s husband Tommy Feight, with his thick New York accent and decidedly blue collar attitude, may have seemed like a bit of an off-the-wall choice for the California princess at first. But Tommy’s big heart and the couple’s playful chemistry soon proved that she