Who was Whitney Collings from Bad Girls Club?

BEFORE tragically dying at a young age, Whitney Collings was known for her stint on the reality show Bad Girls Club. Bad Girls club premiered in 2006 on Oxygen and followed a group of self-professed "bad girls" living together in Los Angeles, California. Who was Whitney Collings? Collings grew up

Who Is Grown-Ish Star Francia Raisa?

16 years into her acting career and bilingual actress Francia Raisa is not slowing down. The first-generation Mexican-Honduran actress first started working in Hollywood in 2005 at the age of 17 (via Remezcla). She shortly after booked her perhaps most famous role playing Adrian Lee on the hit show “Secret

French judge, 55, who 'offered own daughter, 12, to paedos for sex on swingers website' blamed horrific crime on PTSD

A FRENCH judge who reportedly offered his own 12-year-old daughter to paedophiles on a swingers website blamed the sick act on post-traumatic stress. Olivier Bailly, 55, a vice-president of the law courts in Dijon, has been dismissed from the bench for "conduct causing serious damage" to the judiciary. Bailly admitted

Who is hosting the 2024 Olympics?

WILE preparation is underway for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Games’ bosses also have their finger on the pulse for the 2024 Summer event.  The 2024 Summer Olympics are officially known as the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad. Here’s all you need to know about the Games. Where will the

Who holds the 100m world record and Olympic record?

THE Olympic Games is here and there'll be one event in particular the everybody will have their eye on. The 100m always draws a sellout crowd, but who are the current world record holders? Who holds the men's 100m world record? The answer to that question will surprise very few

Who Is Jamie Lynn Spears Ex, Casey Aldridge?

In the wake of the statement Britney Spears gave to a judge in Los Angeles, detailing the horrific conditions she’s been subjected to under her 13-year-old conservatorship, the entire Spears family has been under scrutiny. Britney singled out her father, but said, per Variety, “My whole family did nothing.” Jamie Lynn

Brian London – who died at 87 – was honest enough to admit he gladly quit against Muhammad Ali, his conscience is clean

BRIAN LONDON, who died last week aged 87, was honest enough to admit he quit as soon as he could when he fought Muhammad Ali for the world heavyweight title 55 years ago. From the look of London’s expression, it was obvious he was petrified as he stared across the

Teenager who killed an attempted rapist is charged with MURDER

Teenager who bludgeoned ‘rapist’ to death with a piece of wood ‘in self-defence’ is charged with MURDER in Zimbabwe Teenager Tariro Matutsa, from Mudzi, Zimbabwe, has been charged with murder She claimed she acted in self-defence when she hit Sure Tsuro, 40, on June 7 Tsuro reportedly demanded sexual intercourse from