Are You stars Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold dating?

NETFLIX'S You is currently in its third season and stars Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold. Outside of the show, fans are curious if their off-screen chemistry is just as strong as what they've seen this season. Are You stars Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold dating? In this season of You,

So what will YOU need to do to achieve Boris's green dream?

So what will YOU need to do to your house to achieve Boris’s green dream – and what will it cost? Millions of British households are set to be lumbered with costs of Boris Johnson’s Net Zero ambitions Economists are warning that taxes and consumer prices are likely to rise

You season 4 renewed as fans prepare to reunite with Joe Goldberg

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a webbrowser thatsupports HTML5video Hold onto your hats as Netflix’s You has already been renewed for season 4.  Penn Badgley will reprise his role as stalker and killer Joe Goldberg in season 3 which arrives on Netflix this Friday. 

Can you have Covid booster if you have a cold?

COVID boosters are being rolled out for people in specific vulnerable groups. But as the winter season kicks in, so do the colds and coughs we haven't seen so much of in the past year. Now we are all mingling freely again, germs are being spread at a quicker rate

10 best water bottles you can buy in 2021

WE ALL know the benefits of drinking water, but we still sometimes forget to take a sip.  As they increasingly become a popular fashion accessory, having a stylish but practical water bottle is the best way to ensure that you hit your daily drinking goal.  Reusable water bottles (whether glass,

Would you spend £535 on a matching sofa for your dog?

Sick of cleaning your pet’s hair off the furniture? Then it could be time to buy a mini Chesterfield for your Chihuahua — or a couch for your cockapoo: Would you spend £535 on a matching sofa for your dog? Doggy sofas feature same plush velvets and suedes as their

Know Your Types & Work Your Texture

Black hair is the ultimate form of self expression. Much like fashion, your hair reflects your mood and your personality. Whether you wear corn rows and twists or embrace your natural locks, knowing your hair type (or types) is key to getting the look you want. So, we went right

Everything you need to know about the killer Nipah virus outbreak in India

HEALTH officials are desperate to contain the Nipah virus in India, after it killed a 12-year-old boy. The brain-swelling virus has caused only a handful of outbreaks in the past two decades. But it has the potential to cause a pandemic, the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention warns.