A Million Little Things First Look: Maggie's Back in the U.S.! What Might That Mean for Gary and Darcy?

Well hello, guv’nor!

A Million Little Things‘ winter premiere marks Maggie’s return from Oxford, where she’s been taking part in a fellowship. And you didn’t think the show’s writers would let such a momentous occasion pass without quickly throwing Mags into the same room as her ex-boyfriend and his new lady, did you?

In these new, exclusive photos from the episode, Gary, Darcy and Maggie are gathered in Delilah’s kitchen. Are their wide smiles saying “Look at how easy and fun it is to all hang out together!”? Or are those grins disguising the extreme unease they feel in each other’s presence these days? You be the judge!

The gallery below also includes other shots from the March 11 winter premiere (ABC, 10/9c), including a glimpse of Eddie helping Theo with what looks like a school project and Rome meeting with some cast members from his movie.

Per the official logline, the hour takes place as the coronavirus pandemic is becoming more of a thing in the United States. “Boston goes into lockdown,” it reads, “putting Rome’s movie in jeopardy and forcing Maggie to return home from Oxford. Because the hospitals are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients, Eddie’s back surgery is cancelled, leading him to take desperate measures to cope with the severe pain.”

Click through the gallery at right to see the photos, then hit the comments with your thoughts/predictions/feelings!

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