A Place in the Suns Jasmine Harman leaves buyer in tears with bombshell Cant believe!

A Place in the Sun: Guest emotional after buying house in Cyprus

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Themis and Paolo wanted to find their perfect holiday home to bring their three children to sunny Kapparis in Cyprus. In Tuesday’s episode of A Place in the Sun, Jasmine Harman was given the job to find a hotel complex home for the family with a pool and was close to the beach. After looking around five properties, the Channel 4 property expert successfully completed her mission, leaving the guests in tears of joy when she dropped the bombshell their offer was accepted.

Jasmine began introducing the guests to the show and said: “Good morning, welcome back to Kapparis, how are you two feeling being back here?”

Each year, the pair visits Kapparis, Cyprus, with their three children, to holiday and visit Themis’ family.

“Very excited,” Paolo exclaimed, with Themis agreeing: “So excited, very happy, spent every summer here, and I just love it all my immediate family, cousins, aunties, uncles still here!”

Jasmine asked: “So what is it about this part of the island that attracts you to have your own holiday home here?”

“It’s just the beach here,” Themis began: “They’re just stunning, and all the little villages around here are just really nice and stayed true to the Cypriot way.”

“So, when you come out here, I presume you’ll be bringing your children with you most of the time,” Jasmine continued.

Paolo agreed and said: “Yeah, they love the beach, they love swimming pools and ice creams, they see what we see and love what we love about the island.”

Jasmine then asked the couple what their requirements were for their dream holiday home and the budget they had set themselves.

“Something homely for us, three-bedroom, swimming pool whether it’s communal or private we’re not that fussed, and a nice balcony,” Themis described.

Paolo continued: “We’re actually looking for a home that resembles a hotel complex, so with a bit of luck, we won’t miss too much of the hotel aspect.”

Their budget for the property was £180,000, but they told Jasmine for the right property, they were willing to push it to £200,000.

The first property they saw was a newly built complex with a communal pool and three bedrooms in the central area of where they wanted to be.

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With it only being the first property, Themis and Paolo were impressed with what Jasmine had shown them and informed her she had a big job on her hands to find something better.

Properties two and three were big no’s from the couple as the size of them both were an issue, and the distance to the communal pool was also a problem.

The fourth house they were shown was in the central area of Kapparis, was a four-minute drive from the beach and was a part of a complex with the price of £180,000.

Themis and Paolo fell in love with the property the minute they laid eyes on it, and it became the top contender for them.

After going away and thinking about which property they would like to purchase, the next day, they told Jasmine they were going to put an offer in on the fourth house they saw in Kapparis.

Jasmine asked: “How did yesterday evening go, did you have a long chat?” to which Themis replied: “We did, there were a lot of tears, a lot of pulling strings, and we made a decision.”

Paolo told Jasmine: “We’d like to put an offer in on the house with the blue shutter,” which Jasmine screamed with excitement about.

Paolo first gave an offer of £153,000, which unfortunately was rejected by the seller but he provided a counteroffer of £157,000.

As Jasmine relayed their counteroffer, the couple were left on tenterhooks – until Jasmine dropped the bombshell they had landed their perfect home.

Themis was left in tears that the couple’s dreams had finally come through.

“I’m so happy, I can’t believe we found somewhere, we’re going home with a house,” she exclaimed to her husband.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4. 
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