A Place in the Sun’s Lee Juggernatuth gasps ‘you’re about to hit me!’ as house tour takes tense turn | The Sun

CHANNEL 4 presenter Lee Juggernatuth was worried a guest might hit him after he suggested they walk to the next property on his list. 

During yesterday’s episode of A Place in the Sun, presenter Lee Juggernatuth jetted off to sunny Spain to help a British couple find their dream home. However, they were horrified when he gave them the option of walking from the first property to the second. 

Lee, 38, welcomed guests Lynn and Barry onto the show to help them find their dream property in Costa Blanca. 

The couple, who were from the West Midlands, had a budget of £180,000. Lynn and Barry were looking for a detached house that they could call home since they planned to permanently relocate there with their two cats, Bob and Marley, in tow. 

Lee had five properties he thought would appeal to the couple. However, he’d only managed to show them one property before he made an off-handed joke, which left them horrified. 

After leaving property number one, Lee said: “Next property, property number two, is a five-minute drive away from here. Or 45 minutes – if you’re feeling brave – on foot.”

Lynn and Barry both seemed horrified by Lee’s suggestion and remained silent for a moment after he said it.

Thankfully, the couple quickly realised he’d been joking and didn’t expect them to walk for 45 minutes in the Spanish heat. 


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“I think we’ll drive, if you don’t mind,” replied Barry.

All three of them burst out laughing, but Lee couldn’t help commenting on his guests’ reactions. 

Pointing at Lynn, Lee remarked: “Your face as soon as I said, ‘45 minutes walk…’”

“You’re about to hit me!” Lee exclaimed, as Lynn and Barry continued to laugh.

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After his unwelcome joke, Lee moved on to show the couple four more properties. They fell in love with the fifth and final house the presenter had lined up for them, but it was significantly over their budget.

However, they decided to give it a go, and told Lee they wanted to put in an offer. 

“We can stretch our budget to approximately £215,000,” Barry explained. 

Unfortunately, that wasn’t good enough for the seller, though, and Lynn and Barry’s offer was rejected. They upped it to £218,000, but that was also turned down. 


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The couple left the show without a property to call home, but Lee suggested they should continue to explore their options. 

A Place in the Sun continues weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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