A Teacher viewers 'sickened and disgusted' by Kate Mara grooming scenes as series is blasted for 'fetishizing' abuse

A TEACHER viewers have been left 'sickened and disgusted' by Kate Mara grooming scenes as the series is blasted for 'fetishizing' abuse.

The FX series is created by Hannah Fidell and is based on her film of the same name.

It sees Claire Wilson, a popular young English teacher, embark on an affair with 18-year-old student Eric Walker.

Actress Kate, 37, plays Claire while Nick Robinson, 25, plays Eric, and the series explores the consequences of their illegal relationship after Claire grooms Eric.

The scenes have left viewers outraged, with one writing on Twitter: "Im sorry but this show is so sick how can you be out and about with your teacher like this?

"And your teacher showing up at your house? Please if you don’t just leave a voicemail and go live your life."

Another added: "Omg I'm just done watching the first 3 episodes of #ATeacher and ewww. Imma need to binge watch a few gose episodes to forget how disgusting that was and be able to sleep now."

A third tweeted: "#ATeacher on @FXNetworks and @hulu shows exactly how a predator works!! Any adult who is interested in a minor romantically is sick!! Grooming is slow and deliberate!"

Others were so enraged by the plot of the show they refused to even watch it, with one writing: "As a future teacher, I most certainly will NOT be watching or supporting this movie.

"Disgusting that these "relationships" are being romanticized and fetishized for ratings and views when they are ruining lives and careers…"

Another tweeted: "I have absolutely no desire to watch a movie about a boy being groomed and raped. Gross. WTF."

The series follows the 2013 film of the same name, which starred Lindsay Burdge as the teacher and Will Brittain as the student.

A Teacher airs on FX on Hulu.

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