Ali Wong and Keanu Reeves Have 'Insane' Chemistry in the First Trailer for Always Be My Maybe

It takes time to work up the courage to tell a crush you’re falling for them — especially when that crush is also a longtime friend.

In the new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe, premiering exclusively on PEOPLE, struggling musician Marcus (Randall Park) finally feels ready to tell his childhood friend, celebrity chef Sasha (Ali Wong), that he loves her when they reconnect after 15 years. But his revelation comes too late: She’s met someone else.

“I met someone. We had the most insane, freaky a— sex,” Sasha says.


The idea for Always Be My Maybe came from Wong’s suggestion that she and her longtime friend and Fresh Off the Boat collaborator Park, 45, wanted to make their own version of When Harry Met Sally.

“We started getting all these calls from people like ‘We want to make the movie,’” the comedian, 37, told Vanity Fair. “And we were like, ‘We haven’t even written it yet.’”

Wong — who also wrote Always Be My Maybe — based her character on Chef’s Table’s Niki Nakayama, the only woman featured in the first season of the Netflix series, and Park’s character on many of the men she knows back home in the Bay Area.

“So many of the guys I grew up within the Bay Area still live at home, because they are scared to pay rent and potentially lose getting to do what they want to do in life,” the mother of two said. “For the majority of my friends, the woman is the breadwinner.”

Always Be My Maybe, also starring Keanu Reeves and Daniel Dae Kim, launches on Netflix and in select theaters on May 31.

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