All American fans in hysterics at 'fake' fist fight as character 'sucker punched to floor' in season 3 premiere

ALL American fans have been left in hysterics at a 'fake' fist fight after a character was 'sucker punched to the floor' in the season 3 premiere.

The sports drama is inspired by the life of professional American football player Spencer Paysinger and has just returned for its third season.

It sees Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) as a talented high school football player who moves to an affluent school in Beverly Hills on his coach's advice but struggles to fit in.

In season three, he has moved back to South Crenshaw High, and his Beverly Hills team mates are giving him the cold shoulder following an interview Spencer gave to the Los Angeles Tribune about the move.

Tensions mount so much between the two that Jordan ends up punching Spencer in the face, before he hits him back with the arm that has been privately giving him numbness problems for a while.

However, some viewers were not convinced by the fight scene, with one writing on Twitter: "It’s these fake a** punches for me like damn, we can REALLY see they not hitting each other."

Another tweeted: "Ok so the squeezed fist Spencer made before punching Jordan back is real sus…"

Others reacted to Spencer using his dodgy arm in the fight, with one writing: "Spencer had to make sure his fist worked before he punched Jordan back."

Another tweeted: "spencer really knocked jordan out with just one punch."

A third added: "#AllAmerican spencer when he took that punch from Jordan and waited for his arm to get full power."

Showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll told Entertainment Weekly: "Now the football rivalry isn't just about high-stakes football, it's about very personal, emotional stakes, because it's pitting family against family.

"And that's something that both sides, Beverly and Crenshaw, are going to have to reconcile as they both try to make a run for state championships."

All American airs on The CW on Mondays.

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