All we know so far about Manifest season 4 part 2

Manifest: Netflix releases trailer for season four

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Manifest season four has launched on Netflix with the first 10 episodes and it was a long time coming for fans. The series almost never got its crucial ending after it was cancelled by its original broadcaster, NBC. has all you need to know about what has been released so far about part two.


Manifest’s first three seasons were added to Netflix shortly before it was cancelled and it ended up topping the viewing charts.

This inspired Netflix to save the supernatural drama, enabling the cast and creators to answer some important questions.

Season four is made up of 20 episodes, with the first 10 having aired on November 4.

With this in mind, part two will also be made up of 10 episodes, bringing the series to the ultimate conclusion.

At this moment in time, a release date for season four, part two has not been revealed.

The second half is likely to drop sometime in 2023, and there is a theory behind the exact date.

Part one arrived on November 4, which is the date Flight 828 returned after going missing.

Judging by other key dates in the series, Netflix could choose to air part two on April 7.

This is the day Flight 828 went missing, so it is possible the final episodes could arrive on this date.

As for what part two will be about, it should pick up directly after the events of part one.

The last episode saw Angelina Meyer (Holly Taylor) reclaim the sapphire and take its power.

With the fate of the world now in her hands, it seems the apocalypse is one step closer to becoming a reality.

It will be down to Cal Stone (Ty Doran), who was the chosen one, to save the day whatever the cost.

A couple of episode titles for part two have been revealed and they are episode 14, Fata Morgana, and episode 18, Lift/Drag.

The latter episode was directed by the show’s very own Michaela Stone star, Melissa Roxburgh.

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This is the first time she has worked behind the camera on the series, so fans will be interested to see the product of her work.

She is not the only actor working as a director on the final season, as Ben Stone actor Josh Dallas directed episode seven.

Melissa and Josh have both opened up about what their characters have been through in the final season.

Speaking to The Gate, Melissa said: “You know, she is put in a really interesting position because Ben’s obviously dealing with a lot.

“He’s lost his daughter. He’s lost his wife. He’s not really focused on the Callings at the moment.

“And so she’s kind of tasked herself with running the ship by herself.

“And she has Zeke, but she’s also lost her partner in a lot of ways, Jared, because she was left with indecision about what to do with the love triangle.

“We do get to see the results of that, and so she’s kind of operating on her own a lot but she still has Cal and she’s kind of the one who is mainly going out on these Calling missions to figure out what’s going on.”

Manifest season 4 part 1 is on Netflix now. A release date for part 2 is yet to be revealed.

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