Amy Duggar shows off cleavage in low-cut top as she continues to defy strict family dress code

AMY Duggar showed off cleavage in a low-cut top as she continued to defy her strict family dress code. 

Amy, 34. showed off her hat, striped blouse, and the pen behind her ear as she revealed her thoughts on having a "second child" in a slew of Instagram stories. 

The Counting On star spoke about how "pregnancy is very hard on the body" after she removed a bit of dirt from her hat.  

Amy mentioned she finally had the "energy" to do her hair and make-up again. 

The TV star noted she would be doing an "injustice" to "another child" because her life "needs to slow down." 

Amy confessed she is not pregnant while showing off her cleavage in a striking top. 

The Duggar family has observed a strict dress code that usually only allows women to dress modestly and to wear skirts or dresses.

Counting On's patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, 55, and matriarch Michelle Duggar, 54, have stuck to these strict rules for their Christian lifestyle.

One of these inflexible rules includes not allowing women to show their legs or dress in a revealing manner.

The reality star has defied the family's strict dress code along with her cousins, Jessa, 28, and Jinger, 27, and Jill, 30.

Previously, Jill bared her shoulders in a tank top as she tied her long hair into a ponytail and put on a nose ring in a recent Instagram Story.

Amy and her husband, Dillon King, share their child, Daxton, 18 months. 

Recently, the TV personality celebrated Father's Day with an inspirational quote on Twitter. 

Amy dedicated her tweet to "the real men who protect and love their children! Who are true examples."

Back in April, Amy's cousin, Josh, 33, was arrested and then granted bail after getting caught with "possessing 65 images of child porn."

Despite his release, the disgraced TLC star has restricted travel, as he cannot leave Benton, Washington, and Madison counties in Arkansas without permission from the court.

Although Josh's wife Anna is about six months pregnant with their seventh child, he has been required to live away from the family since he is not allowed to be around minor children.

The oldest Duggar child has "unlimited access" to his six children with Anna present, though he can no longer spend time around his siblings, nieces, and nephews.

Josh and Anna share six children: Mackynzie, 11. Michael, nine, Maryella, one, Mason, three, Meredith, five, and Marcus, seven. 


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