Amy Duggar's fans think she's divorcing husband Dillon as she posts about 'relationships ending' and 'broken hearts'

AMY Duggar's fans think she's divorcing her husband, Dillon, as she posted about "relationships ending" and "broken hearts."

Amy is one of the rebellious Duggars who has left the family behind to follow their own rules.

Fans were left scratching their heads as Amy, 34, took to Twitter to share some late-night thoughts on her social media channels.

The mom of one first shared one cryptic post at 1 am, which read: "Give me a broken heart… over one lover."

A few hours later, she then shared: "After a relationship ends it makes you stronger and you realize what you need in your life and what you don’t…."

Fans quickly took to the comment section to ask if she "was ok."

Another fan was a lot more straightforward and he asked: "Did you split?"

And a third one sympathized and tweeted: "So true. I am sorry that you had to find this out."

Following the ongoing questions and speculations, Amy cleared things up and tweeted to her fans: "I’m just saying relationships in general not my own…it’s ok to just share what I’ve learned as a person.

"Apparently people are thinking I’m divorcing now.. sorry for the confusion!"

Amy, Jim Bob's niece, and Dillon tied the knot back in 2015 and they share son Daxton, who was born in 2019.

Along with Jill, Amy is considered a rebel as she's been vocal about her sex life before marriage, dating multiple men before settling down with Dillon, and her dislike of courting, a tradition among Duggar family members.

Jill and Amy are often spotted together as they go on date nights with their husbands and go thrift store hopping.

Most recently, The Sun revealed that Jinger Duggar has distanced herself from her sister, Jill, and her cousin, Amy.

A source told The Sun there is no love lost between the three women, claiming: "Jinger thinks Amy is immature and should focus on her own life.

"Jinger and Jeremy have no time for negativity and wish Amy wouldn't publicly call her out to cause drama, it's unnecessary.

"They have different views and they feel she should just accept that.

Appearing to take aim at Jinger's comments telling fans to "pray away" anxiety and fear, Amy recently tweeted: "People want to follow Real people! Not stock photos where you act like your life is perfect!

"No, we want to see the mess, the hard moments too. People need to stop trying so hard…”

Jinger is equally upset with her sister Jill, who is reportedly supporting her husband Derick's upcoming book about the family.

The source said: "Jinger is also really disappointed by Jill and the tell-all, but she's not surprised she's taken her husband's side.

"They are family, but she wishes they hadn't gone against the family, and talked about them the way they have."

The insider added that Jinger hasn't cut Amy and Jill off, but they are "no longer close," and it seems their relationships will never go back to how they once were.

Last year, Jill took her thinly-veiled digs at her family to the next level, and said in a tell-all interview with People magazine that she and her husband were underpaid during their time on the reality series.

She also said it's "not wrong" to use birth control, which parents Jim Bob and Michelle strictly forbid in their family.

After the shocking interview, Jill did not attend family Christmas parties, and neither did Amy.

However, Jill and Derick did attend her brother, Justin's wedding on Friday.

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