Antiques Road Trip star speechless as rare books triple in profit

Antiques Road Trip host makes £70 profit despite dropping item

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Antiques Road Trip viewers saw auctioneers Natasha Raskin and Philip Serrell continue their tour of Scotland on the BBC show. Although when at the Belfast auction, Natasha was speechless at the value her Virginia Woolf books sold for.

During the episode, Natasha managed to find a collection of books by famous author Virginia Woolf which was published in 1937.

When she spotted the rare clothback novels, the expert realised they were all Hogarth Press, which was the author’s personal press she and her husband Leonad set up in 1917.

Once Natasha found the books, viewers were informed of Virginia’s significance as she’s considered one of the most important modernist authors of the 20th century.

Giving them a closer look, the antique expert commented the collection must’ve come from one person who was an avid reader.

Although it wasn’t until she opened one of the pages in one book that she realised she’d struck gold.

Open-mouthed, Natasha said: “I think that’s a proper first edition, I think this is a straight-up first edition.

“Oh, that’s so lovely. Oh, I just wish the conditions were nicer. Look at that.”

Natasha showed the camera the damage on the inside of one of the books, however, revealed it may come in her favour in terms of it being more affordable.

At the shop, she managed to get all eight books for £25 to accompany the other items she managed to find throughout her antique hunt.

When it was time to see how much her books would sell for, auctioneer of the day Karl Bennett had high hopes.

He commented: “We are seeing a growth in the people who are looking to purchase and collect books.

“That is one lot I expect to do very, very well.”

When the bidding kicked off, the collection immediately started on a high at £95, already £70 in profit.

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As the figures kept creeping higher and higher, the Antiques Road Trip star was stunned as she grinned in delight.

Next to her, Phillip commented: “Well done Tash.”

Clapping her hands, the BBC star said: “Oh good! I am so pleased, I’m so chuffed.”

Congratulating his friend, he replied: “That’s a top result. Well done you, you better lead the way now!”

In the end, the eight books sold for an impressive £150 which gave her a whopping profit of £125 on the item.

Viewers learned that Phillip started with £212.94 but made a small loss of £23.30 which meant he only had £189.64 to spend next time.

Whereas Natasha started with £181.98 and made an almighty profit of £126.98, giving her £308.02 to spend on her next hunt.

Antiques Road Trip episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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