Avengers Endgame digital streaming release date CONFIRMED – What about Blu-ray and DVD?

After just two weeks in cinemas, Endgame is already the second biggest film of all time and looks set to pass Avatar. This was just one of the major announcements at the quarterly Disney shareholders meeting. The record-breaking movie will be one of the high -profile jewels in the new Disney+ crown which will also include the new Star Wars live-action series, The Mandalorian. Disney’s new venture will take on HBO, Amazon Prime and Netflix and launches on November 12. Little more is known yet, but today Disney boss Bob Iger boldly revealed the date Avengers Endgame will be available exclusively to subscribers.  

The process has already begun, with all 2019 Disney movies affected, including Marvel blockbusters and live action releases Dumbo, Lion King and Aladdin. 

Disney content will start migrating across from all the other streaming platforms for the November launch, with Captain Marvel the first major Disney or Marvel release not to be released worldwide on Netflix. 

Captain Marvel and other major releases will continue to be released on Sky and Now TV in the UK.

But what about Avengers Endgame? Iger just revealed the first release dates.

The Disney CEO said: “We’re very pleased with our Q2 (Second Quarter) results and thrilled with the record-breaking success of Avengers: Endgame, which is now the second-highest grossing film of all time and will stream exclusively on Disney+ starting December 11th.”

This means Endgame will not be available to stream via the usual platforms like Amazon.

These dates are only for the US so far, since Disney+ will launch there first.

However, some confusion remains about other home entertainment formats like DVD, Blu-ray and Ultra HD.

It seems very unlikely fans will have to wait seven months to watch Avengers 4 at home. Some sites are speculating the film will be released before December on DVD and Blu-ray, which would be a complete reverse of the current practice for any major blockbuster which usually streams two to four weeks before other formats.

However, Disney will want to encourage fans to sign up for the new streaming platform in the US and would risk alienating fans there if the movie is easily available much earlier around the world whether on Sky, Amazon or any other subscription or retail sites.

After a nail-biting twelve months anticipating Endgame in cinemas, it looks like fans now have another anxious wait. 


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