Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez slams trolls who claim she's 'not Mexican enough' to appear on the cover of Parents Latina

BACHELOR alum Bekah Martinez slammed the trolls who claimed she's "not Mexican enough" to appear on the cover of Parents Latina.

The proud mom graced the cover of the April/May issue with her two children: Rth Ray De La Cruz, 2, and Franklin James, 8 months.

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After Parents Latina and Bekah announced their new cover, plenty of Bachelor fans applauded the devoted mom for her new achievement and complimented her on her stunning kids.

However, Bekah accompanied her announcement with a series of messages that she has received in the past from some trolls who thought it would be funny and appropriate to claim she wasn't Latina enough because she couldn't speak Spanish and because of her light complexion.

Bekah, 26, shared some of the comments on her social media in a screengrab behind the cover.

According to the screengrab, one person wrote: "Why didn't you just learn [Spanish] as an adult? You have the resources and the privilege to do so. Are you making sure your own kids know the language? It's nice to be [Latina] when it's convenient but are you doing the work?"

A second one told her: "You are NOT Latina."

And a third DMed her: "It's weird how you get to take space in the Latina world. Aren't you half white? Don't even speak Spanish? Culturally are you even Latina?"

She followed the post with her own comment, saying: "This has been such an exciting experience for me, but it hasn’t come without a sense of sadness. I hesitated to even accept the offer of being featured in @parentslatina because I just didn’t feel 'Mexican enough.'

"Comments like the ones in the second photo hit at deep insecurities. I’m so proud of my Latina heritage. But I’ve been told all my life I don’t look the part.

"If only these people knew the tears I’ve cried over wishing I could have spoken to my grandparents in their native tongue. If only they knew the longing I’ve had to be a 'real Mexican.'

"But I’m also sad because I know where these people are coming from. I know there are struggles and discrimination that come from being 'visibly Mexican' that I will never experience. I know there is deep-seated colorism within the Latino community.

"I know there are so many benefits and opportunities I gain from my whiteness. I think we can acknowledge all of these things at once and hold space for everyone in this conversation."

She concluded: "At the end of the day, this was such a huge step in publicly embracing a part of me that I hold so close to my heart.

"I’m Latina and I’m proud. No one can take that away from me."

Parents Latina revealed the cover on Tuesday, sharing: "We are SO excited to share our April/May cover featuring @bekah with her kids, Ruth and Franklin!

"In the cover story, the @bachelorabc alum and co-host of @chattybroads talks about the ups, downs, and oops! of motherhood, as well as her Mexican heritage and feeling Latina imposter syndrome:'

She was quoted, saying:“Regardless of whether others think I fit the profile or not, I am very proud of my Mexican heritage."

Back in June 2020, Bekah and boyfriend Grayston Leonard welcomed their second child to the world.

The Bachelor alum recently reflected on having two children so close together.

She wrote when celebrating her 35 weeks of pregnancy with her son: "35 weeks— and baby is already the size of a pineapple?!

"I’m not gonna lie, the thought of pushing out TWO babies unmedicated in less than a year and a half has me feeling some type of way 😳😅 But can’t wait to meet this little guy soon!!"

Bekah had expressed her concerns early on about being a parent to two young children, earlier in her pregnancy

She wrote: "I'm mostly nervous about what the postpartum period is going to be like, or what people call the fourth trimester.

"That was the hardest time for me.

"You're generally not getting any sleep at all and you kind of feel like you're losing your mind."

"I'm going to have to deal with that but instead of just getting to lay around in bed with the baby like I did with Ruth, this time, "I'm going to be taking care of another baby as well."

Bekah competed on the 22nd season of The Bachelor, trying to win Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s heart.

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