Bachelorette Clare Crawley looks totally different with pink hair as she poses in just a bra after split from Dale Moss

BACHELORETTE Clare Crawley surprised fans with a new look as she showed off her pink hair and posed for pictures in just a bra.

The reality star, 39, who recently split from her finance Dale Moss said she wanted "to have some fun."

The usually blonde hairstylist had a smile on her face as she took the snap and shared it on social media.

She wrote: "I’ve been wanting to have some fun and (temporarily) change up my hair for some time now with a fun color ••• so I did it!!"

Praising her new look, one fan wrote: "I love the color and it suits you perfectly!!!"

While another commented: "So pretty!!! You’re doing amazing sweetie."

"Looks amazing! 🔥🔥," added another.

Clare also shared a video to her Instagram Stories to show how easy the transformation was using a home coloring shampoo.

A one point the former Bachelorette is in the bathroom wearing a white towel as she applies the product.

Clare's new look comes after her recent split from former footballer Dale.

The two had a whirlwind romance after meeting on The Bachelorette last summer.

They got engaged on the show after just a few weeks, going on to have dates in New York and California, and spending time with each other's families.

The football player claimed the reason for their separation was that he was not ready for commitment, but Clare revealed she questioned about him being with another woman and would frequently ask questions about their involvement.

Dale denied all accusations that he was still hooking up with an old flame while engaged to Clare.

Clare revealed she had spent most of her days in sweatpants after Dale broke off their engagement.

When Dale confirmed the break-up, he wrote: "I wanted to share with you all that Clare and I have decided to go our separate ways.

"We appreciate the love and support we've received from so many people, but this is the healthiest decision for both of us at this time."

The breakup became "messy" when rumors arose that Dale had cheated on Clare with a woman from his past, Eleonora Srugo.

A source originally told E! News that Eleonora was seeing the Green Bay Packers player while engaged to Clare, but both their reps denied any romantic contact.

In a video last week, Clare held back her tears as she admitted she's still struggling after being dumped.

Clare took to Instagram on Friday to do a Live on the social media platform when she talked about how she doing after her very public break-up.

As she talked about "the stress" she was going through after The Bachelorette, she noted how she was dealing with panic attacks and anxiety.

She said: "I held it in and tried to play strong and be strong for so long – I am a strong person but like – I tried to be that for so long that I didn't share my struggles with anxiety and what I was going through because I don't want to be a victim, and I still don't want to be that, but I think there's so much to be said about being human and seeing each other as humans.

"Long story short, thinking about how I haven't shared much with you because I'm trying to put out there that we are survivors, we're thrivers, we do try our best for happiness and I did you guys a disservice and myself a disservice.

"Sharing what you're going through and the not so perfect parts or the struggles, I think when you open yourself up to share the stuff you're going through, not as a victim, but vulnerability and more as the human side of you.

"It gives people the opportunity to relate to it and share their own struggles."

She then thanked her fans for sending positivity and encouragement.

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