Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe got a brow lift & lip fillers after fans say she's unrecognizable from first days on show

BACHELORETTE Kaitlyn Bristowe admitted she got a brow lift and lip fillers after fans claimed she looks unrecognizable from her first days on the show.

The new host of The Bachelorette first appeared on TV back in 2015 when she competed for Chris Soules' heart.

On Wednesday, a Bachelor Nation fan took to Twitter to ask "what’s different about @kaitlynbristowe's look?

"I can’t put my finger on it #TheBachelorette," they posted.

The 35-year-old took it upon herself to answer them personally, tweeting: "6 years since I was on the show, Browlift, brow micro-blading, got my teeth bonded, some filler In my lips, aging, darker hair, and I finally learned how to contour.

"Oh and I put on some weight."

She also agreed when a fan told her: "Don’t forget that you met the love of your life, opened multiple companies, and won Dancing With The Stars.

"That joy leaves a mark."

The fan was specifically talking about how Kaitlyn got engaged last year to Jason Tatrick and took home the grand prize after dancing her way to the top during season 29.

Kaitlyn made a reapperance on Bachelor Nation after she was brought back as a host for the current season of The Bachelorette with Katie Thurston.

Tayshia Adams, who appeared on the previous season of the show, is Kaitlyn's co-host after Chris Harrison abandoned the franchise.

In fact, fans were delighted with the new duo as they gushed over them on social media during the first couple of episodes.

A few days ago, the Canadian Bachelorette was forced to shut down a troll after they claimed she looked like a man following all of her procedures.

After the troll wrote: "@kaitlynbristowe looks like a man," she shot back: "Out of all the nasty tweets I get, this one is the funniest."

Kaitlyn previously admitted feeling "pressure" from being in the spotlight and confessed to indulging in procedures like Botox and fillers to enhance her look.

Although the Bachelorette star has previously denied any rumors of invasive plastic surgeries, she recently took to social media to explain her past work.

She confessed: “I’m at a plastic surgeon office, so took advantage of the blue photo back drop. 

“Everyone seems to think I always go under the knife for surgery, but I haven’t till now. 

“Finally. I can share with you guys. I’m getting my ear lobes fixed. Wearing too many heavy Earings over the years can really pull the hole down so we’re gonna cut it and stitch it back up so I can rock some hooooooops.

“The process takes 15 mins. Haha. K love you guys bye!!”

In February of 2021, Kaitlyn spoke about her experience with botox and fillers as she called the procedures "expensive."

She revealed: “Hey Kaitlyn are your lips real? Yeah. Real expensive! Just like coloring my hair, using fun make up, fake lashes, skin care, I also like a little filler and Botox.

“I know I have an 'influence.' I’m not saying you should go do it. 

“I’m saying do what you want with YOUR body. And if you’re gonna do it, go to cuz in my opinion, they’re the best in the biz."

She added: “I’m open to this Convo if you have any comments or questions! @elisabethsmithpa.”

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