Big Bang Theory: Fans expose plot hole in Sheldons father death after key Germany clue

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The hit CBS comedy sitcom followed the life of scientist Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parson) and his friends. It was their nerdy and quirky humour which drew fans and eventually the show gained millions of viewers worldwide. Now that the Big Bang Theory has officially ended, many fans are reliving their favourite moments and one happened to include a huge plot hole in a key George Sr scene.

Taking to Reddit, the viewer that spotted the plot hole wrote: “S. Cooper says; he went to Germany as Guest Professor when he’s 15, and his mother goes to help Sheldon’s father as the house is damaged.

The fan questioned: “Sheldon said his father died when he was 14. Also, S. Cooper was born in 1980, and his father died in 1994, How could his father live when S. Cooper was 15 in 1995?”

This huge plot hole complicated things for viewers who love the series, other Reddit users responded with their confusion: “Nice catch. I just rewatched the episode about being in Germany, it’s season 1 I believe, just one of many continuity errors.”

That viewer added: “They get worse if you throw in Young Sheldon info on top of it but they’re fun to notice, I hadn’t noticed this one.”

After the success of the Big Bang Theory, network bosses decided to create a spin-off show in 2017 called Young Sheldon.

The series gave viewers an insight into his childhood and highlighted the different ways he had to adapt to try and fit in with his unconventional family.

Another viewer also commented on the common plot holes: “Young Sheldon’s plot is a good prequel but I feel they aren’t planning to make it as accurate as Sheldon narrated his childhood.”

Sheldon’s father George Cooper was never physically introduced to viewers of the Big Bang Theory as he had passed away.

However, fans got to finally see if his personality aligned with his son’s description of him on the spin-off show.

There he was the head football coach at Medford High School, he often joked about being Sheldon’s father because they didn’t share the same interest or intellects.

However, despite their differences, Sheldon loved his father as he consistently stood up for him and which he appreciated.

In the Big Bang Theory Sheldon is an adult and a successful theoretical physicist working at The California Institute of Technology.

Growing up he had always been a genius, at 16 years old, he gained his PhD, and as an adult, he was the recipient of a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Arts, and his Doctor of Science.

Sheldon also had other friends who shared similar interests, his former roommate and best friend Leonard Hofstadter (John Galecki) is an experimental physicist.

Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) is an astrophysicist and Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) an aerospace engineer.

In the series, Sheldon also had a tendency to be hyper organised, he religiously stuck to his daily routine and reserved specific activities for a certain time and date.

Many fans even questioned whether or not he lived with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Asperger’s Syndrome.

Unfortunately, this plot hole was one of many in the series but with over 12 seasons there were bound to be some inconsistencies.

All episodes of the Big Bang Theory are available to stream on CBS.

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