Castle with its own dungeon goes on sale for the price of a two-bed London flat

Desperately saving up every last scrap of your salary in hopes of one day being able to afford a deposit on a London flat?

Have you thought about just buying a castle instead?

That sounds absurd, we know, but it turns out you can get a huge countryside castle – complete with 11 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and a bar – for the same price as a fancy flat in the city.

Oh, and this castle has its own dungeon. That sells it for us.

The Castle, in Castle Eden, County Durham, is up for sale for £3million – so it’s still on the pricey side.

But considering that same amount can get you a two-bedroom flat in London, getting a castle for your cash seems like a sweeter deal.

The Grade II listed building sits on 14 acres of land and is made up of 15,102sqft spread across two floors.

It’s surrounded by a gorgeous nature reserve with views of the County Durham countryside, so is ideal for those ready to ditch the city and have some peace and quiet.

It has wrought iron gates and a driveway lit by old Victorian street lights.

Inside, there are five bedrooms on the first floor and six on the second, making the castle the ideal home to share with a load of your pals.

After all, splitting the £3million cost between 11 mates doesn’t feel quite as daunting, right? That’s only £272,272 each. Less if you couple up and share a room.

Lindsey Harrison, real estate salesperson for the castle, said: ‘It was built in the 1700s for Rowland Burdon – a Conservative politician and landowner from Castle Eden.

‘It was built by a popular architect in the north east at that time, his style was the palladium castle type of building.

‘I think it was the 1740s that they built it and it was handed down from there.

‘About 20 years ago it was in a bad way and the owners who picked it up then refurbished it all and did extensive work on it.

‘Now it looks like it’s not been touched – they’ve taken the whole style and brought it back to its traditional ways.

‘It has plenty of original features such as some of the doors inside and it’s all in keeping with the building which is really nice.’

And of course, there’s the dungeon, which spans the entire base of the home.

‘The dungeon is the full footprint of the castle. It was probably just used for storage, but it would be good for all sorts of things down there,’ said Lindsey.

‘It could be a wine cellar, you could put a spa treatment room in there, a cinema room, a games room and you could have all of them because it so vast, there is massive potential.

‘Compared to something down south it is absolutely a steal.

‘The amount of grounds you get with it, the uninterrupted views, the golf course on the doorstep and you have the nature reserve in the back garden so you have perfect views from every aspect of the house.’

If you fancy buying the castle, you’d better move quick.

Apparently there’s already been loads of interest from international buyers.

Lindsey added: ‘The owners now aren’t from the Burdon family, there was about two or three generations from the Burdon family before it was passed on.

‘We’ve had plenty of national and international interest already. The kind of client could be a young family with lots of kids or even older families, it could even be a second home for people internationally because it so cheap.

‘You’ve got Hardwick Hall two minutes away, you’ve got the beach, you’ve got everything.

‘It opens all doors for a lot of places.’

And, again: dungeon. Do with that what you will.

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