CGD's Paul Brunson slams Curtis Pritchard & Chloe Ferry as ‘fake’ and says Wayne Lineker is ‘fixated on women under 30’

CELEBS Go Dating's Paul Brunson has slammed Curtis Prichard and Chloe Ferry as "fake" – and accused Wayne Lineker of being "fixated on women under 30" in an exclusive chat with The Sun.

The popular E4 show finally returns to our screens this evening, with a star-studded line-up.

This series saw all of the stars move into a Surrey mansion together so that they could form a bubble for filming amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike in previous years, the celebrities will be living among their dates in the mansion, with Joey Essex, Tom Zanetti, Karim Zeroual, Kimberly Hart-Simpson, and Sophie Hermann joining Curtis, Chloe, and Wayne as this year's stars.

And Paul, who works with the agency that helps the celebs find love, did not hold back when we caught up with him ahead of the series launch.

The 46-year-old star was open with his dissection of the stars, and admitted that he initially struggled to understand some of them due to their personalities – and his misconceptions.

Speaking about ex Geordie Shore favourite Chloe, Paul told us that he wondered if she was genuine.

He explained: "The biggest problem that people have, I think, with Chloe is that they don't know if she's real. That's the dilemma that people have.

"I was rooting for Chloe all the way until the last day. The reason why I say I was rooting for her all the way through the last days, because people are going to see a completely different side to Chloe. She's a lot more intellectual than people think."

Paul went onto admit that he felt a similar way about Curtis when he first shot to fame on Love Island in 2019.

He shared: "I've only watched one Love Island series and it was the one he was on. And I told him this in the agency, my impression of him was that he was inauthentic on Love Island.

"He got into Celebs Go Dating and I think he just peeled away all that façade.

"There's no one in the history of celeb… I'm talking about all of the series I've done, who has listened and executed better on the advice we've given than Curtis Pritchard."

And Paul held his hands up to exploding at Wayne while working with him on the agency – saying that he accused him of being a "wannabe Peter Pan".

Paul continued: "He was fixated on dating women who are under 30. This was the problem, most of the women I know are over 30 years old.

"I felt like he was devaluing women who were over 30. I mean, my wife is over 30. It's one of those where, if you're telling me you don't see value in a woman who's over 30… In my opinion, a woman who's over 30 has more value.

"And so, that was the line that we couldn't see eye to eye on. And that's what led to me biting."

Wayne wasn't the only one to receive the sharp end of Paul's tongue, with Joey Essex also getting a telling off for not taking his stint on Celebs Go Dating seriously.

The love guru told us: "I don't play around in the agency and I think that Joey came in and saw this as being jokey jokey, fun fun. Yeah, I get it. Celebs Go Dating is fun, but in the agency we work and hard work isn't always a laugh.

"What I tried to underscore with him, to be honest, is I didn't travel all the way from the United States, leave my family behind, risk getting Covid to come in here and tell jokes all day. I came in here to shake people's lives up and hopefully change lives.

"So you have to meet me at that level of seriousness. I think that he had a hard time adjusting to that early; I had to put my foot in him a little bit and then you'll see that he adjusted and I was really proud of how quickly he changed.

"He made the quickest U-turn of any celeb, like: 'Oh, wow. They're serious. I better get serious.'"

Paul works alongside Anna Williamson and Tom Read Wilson to try and help the stars find love on the show.

  • Celebs Go Dating kicks off tonight [25 January] at 9pm on E4

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