Charlie Stayt sparks uproar from BBC viewers for misgendering Eddie Izzard ‘It’s she/her!’

BBC Breakfast: Charlie on Eddie Izzard's marathon challenge

Earlier this year, comedian and writer Eddie Izzard spoke openly on Sky Arts series Portrait Artist of the Year about her gender fluidity and desire to go by her/she pronouns. Today, she joined BBC Breakfast host Charlie Stayt on the show to discuss her next fundraising venture – running 31 marathons in 31 days. However, when introducing the star, Charlie called Eddie “he”, sparking a furious reaction from viewers at home.

Eddie made clear her stance on the use of pronouns on the Sky programme earlier this year, stating: “This is the first programme where I’ve asked if I can be ‘she’ and ‘her’,

“It feels great. People just assume, or they know me from before. I’m gender-fluid. I just wanna be based in girl mode from now on. It feels very positive.”

Ever since, Eddie has been referred to by she/her pronouns until her stint on the BBC breakfast-time show today.

Introducing Eddie, Charlie said to viewers: “The comedian Eddie Izzard is no stranger to fundraising challenges,”

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Charlie then made the error as he continued: “You may remember he ran 28 marathons in 28 days last year.

“Eddie’s now planning to do it again, this time running 31 marathons in 31 days.”

BBC Breakfast then showed a montage of Eddie’s previous fundraising efforts but viewers at home were more concerned with Charlie’s misuse of gender pronouns.

“It’s she/her, Charlie… FFS #BBCBreakfast,” vented one furious fan on Twitter.

“Charlie Stayt just misgendered Eddie Izzard on @BBCBreakfast,” added a second. “C’mon Charlie, it was a big story when she changed her pronouns, keep up.”

A third questioned: “@BBCBreakfast was the misgendering of @eddieizzard deliberate this morning?”

While a fourth weighed in: “Hi @BBCBreakfast, great story about @eddieizzard’s marathon feat. Sad to hear Charlie Stayt misgender Eddie. 

“She recently stated her preference for she/they pronouns, there were numerous news articles. Did you check her preferences with her before the broadcast? Do better.”

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And a fifth concurred: “@BBCBreakfast disappointed to see @eddieizzard referred to as HE on the show this morning, when she’s been vocal about using the pronouns she and her.


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