Charlotte Dawson slams ‘disgusting’ troll who called her baby son ‘ugly’

NEW mum Charlotte Dawson has hit out at a troll who called her baby son “f**king ugly” in a nasty post.

The 28-year-old, who gave birth to son Noah just nine weeks ago, revealed her upset and anger over the trolling her innocent child has received already – branding the trolls “disgusting” in a heartbreaking interview.

Charlotte, who stars in Celebrity Bumps, had posted a clip of her son just moments after he was born, when one nasty person decided to comment cruelly on his appearance.

Unfortunately, it isn’t the only abuse she has received since Noah has been born – other 'awful people' have said they feel sorry for the tot having her as a mum, leaving Charlotte devastated.

She told The Sun Onilne:  “I put the picture of Noah on Instagram last night and a girl who has actually got quite a lot of followers on Instagram, she put ‘well you have got a f**king ugly kid’. Wow.

“I publicly humiliated that girl because I think if you have got so much balls to write that publicly on my Instagram then I will out her.”

Discussing other comments she’s received, Charlotte said:“I have messages saying 'I feel sorry for him that he has got you as a mum' and stuff like that.”

While the reality star – who is the daughter of the late Les Dawson – is thick skinned, she has struggled to understand how people can be so cruel to her son.

She said:  “I am very good at handling stuff but when it comes to my child it is a lot different, it’s not fair.

“When I was pregnant I was a lot worse,  I was struggling because I thought how can people be so nasty about an unborn child. It’s just weird. People are so awful. 

“I just feel like my mental health is always good, I am always positive, I am a lot better than my mum, who always reads stuff about me and my dad but when it is about your own child, I understand now. I was so angry and upset.”

The star – who is engaged to Matt Sarsfield – continued:  “I just think how can you be nasty to a baby? How can you say these comments? Don’t be nasty, you don’t know what is going through people’s heads. It’s disgusting. Why? What is so bad about me? I am a good mum, I am trying my hardest. People are just awful. 

“There is this website where they slag you all off – called Tattle or something. I have forums on me and stuff. I am not interested.  People are so nasty.”

Celebrity Bumps: Famous and Pregnant continues on MTV tonight at 8pm! 

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