Chloe Ferry breaks down in tears as she buys HUGE 'dream home' and shows off first pic

CHLOE Ferry broke down in tears as she bought her huge 'dream home'.

The Geordie Shore star posted an emotional picture after she sobbed into the camera and told her fans how stunned she was to finally have her £1.1million mansion.

The 24-year-old wrote alongside her teary picture:"Finally tears of happiness. That feeling when you were always told you weren’t good enough. But in reality you were more than enough. Never underestimate yourself!

"You can get anything you want in life if you want it enough! Never stop believing in your dreams."

Chloe couldn't believe her offer on her dream mansion had been accepted, and she fought back tears to talk to her fans about her joy.

Apologising for crying so much, she said: "I've just had a call from the estate agents, and my house, my dream home, they have accepted the offer.

"The reason I'm so upset is that I thought I wasn't going to get it. Everyone knows how hard it is setting up a mortgage, especially on your own.

"I'm just so happy. I just never thought i'd end up with a house like that. It's my dream.

"It's my dream home. The estate agent must have thought I was totally mad. I cried my eyes out."

Speaking of her forever home, she added: "I'm so happy right now. Every time Italk about it I get so emotional. When I viewed it I fell in love.I wanna be in this house for the rest of my life. I want to have my kids in this house.

"I'm absolutely buzzing. I can't believe I'm going to be living in my dream home. Especially when I've been told I'm not good enough, or you can't achieve that.You believe it. That's why I had no faith in this house, I thought 'I can't get that. That's not right for me.' But yes it is.

"Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Because I used to listen to those people. Then I started doing my own thing, and going down my own path."

She added: "I'm so shocked, obviously the background that i'm from, I never thought I'd be living in a house like this."

Chloe gave fans a sneak peak into £1.1million home after falling in love with a property during a viewing last week.

The businesswoman fell in love when she showed fans the inside the five-bedroom mansion on her Instagram Stories which she adorned with love heart eyes and crossed fingers.

The stunning home will be the perfect place to entertain once restrictions ease, with a games room, massive kitchen and living room, and a large garden.

A central staircase dominates the entrance, with a skylight ensuring the area is bright at all times.



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