Christina Ricci's husband James Heerdegen claims she 'blacks out' on booze and pills and becomes a danger to young son

CHRISTINA Ricci's husband James Heerdegen has slammed the actress with a restraining order.

James made claims that the Hollywood star is a drunk, pops pills and is a danger to their son.

According to legal court documents obtained by Daily Mail, James claimed that his wife would get into drunken rages in front of both him and their only child Freddie, now six.

James also claimed that he had to check the breast milk they were giving their son in case it was contaminated with booze.

He wrote: "On those occasions in which I found ''contaminated' bottles, I would have to throw them out to ensure that our infant was not being fed with alcohol polluted breast milk."

James also wrote: "Prior to our separation in June of 2020, [Christina] would drink to excess on an almost daily basis causing her to engage in emotionally abusive and offensive conduct directed towards me wherein Petitioner during her rants and raves would typically call me a 'f***ing c**t'."

He added and alleged that Christina would "typically black out'' after drinking too much.

All this comes after the Black Snake Moan star filed her own restraining order against her husband.

Christina previously said she “feared for her life” when she was “beat” numerous times as James “spat on her” and “made pig noises” in the head-turning allegations.

In the restraining order, Christina stated the alleged abuse began in December 2019.

The court papers say that the Addams Family costar also told James she wanted a divorce but her plans were put on pause when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the US in March.

As the country went into a nation-wide lockdown, Christina said she "found herself trapped in a house with a violent abuser."

Christina, 40, would go on to describe numerous alleged violent encounters with James, including an incident where James apparently threw coffee and a chair at his wife while Freddie observed.

The famous star also made it clear that she fears the alleged abuse could turn deadly, stating in the restraining order that James “said something that made me think that [he] could kill me.

“He said the only way he could feel sorry for me is if I were dismembered into small pieces.”

Soon after Christina's shocking claims, James' attorney Larry Bakman told TMZ that his client "unequivocally denies all allegations of abuse made by Ms. Ricci as having occurred in 2020."

The couple's issues came to light back in July as Christina filed for a divorce after she was granted an emergency protective order against James.

The order came after the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a call at her Woodland Hills, California home on June 25.

She also requested sole legal and physical custody of their son.

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