Coronation Street fans in tears as Nick Tilsley is banned from seeing dying stepson Oliver by Leanne

CORONATION Street fans are in tears after Nick Tilsley was banned from seeing son Oliver.

The factory owner – who is played by actor Ben Price in the ITV soap – was shut out from Oliver’s bedside by girlfriend Leanne Battersby after he told her it was time to let Oliver die.

The little lad is on life support in hospital with mitochondrial disease robbing him of his ability to survive unaided.

In tonight’s episode Leanne discovered that Nick was only supporting her because he feared what would happen if he didn’t, and that he actually believed that Oliver should be allowed to die with dignity.

Leanne was devastated by what she saw as a betrayal, and could barely look at Nick.

He told her: “I’m sorry if I upset you. I only said what I said because I love him and sometimes we have to say the things that people don’t want to hear. 

“I just wish I’d said it sooner. I know what’s going to happen in court – I know what it will do to you. 

“Maybe it’s best to end it now on your terms. It can’t be easy having decisions about Oliver taken out of your hands.”

He added: “You need to know the truth – he’s going to die and nothing we or anyone can do will stop that.”

However Leanne had other ideas and banned him from seeing Oliver, saying:  “We? No, you’re not Oliver’s father Nick. You’re nothing to him. Because you’re nothing to me anymore, we don’t need you.”

Fans were heartbroken for Nick as he was banned from seeing Oliver ahead of the impending court battle to end his life.

One wrote: "Ah, funny how Nick was someone to Oliver when you were taking his money, Leanne."

A second said: "Leanne is being a bitter cow! She's hurting herself in what she's doing. Nick was still brave in telling her what he did. Of course he doesn't want Oliver out of the way! She needs to realise Nick is right."

Another added: "Oh Leanne that was some harsh words. Poor nick has always stuck by her and treated Oliver like a son."

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