Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley's son Sam tries to stop Leanne Battersby from leaving him

NICK Tilsley’s son Sam takes matters into his own hands next week in Coronation Street and tries to stop Leanne Battersby from leaving. 

Leanne will decide to make the move to France next week following the death of her son Oliver, who passed away from mitochondrial disease. 

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Viewers know that, in the midst of Leanne’s legal battle to save Oliver, Nick discovered he had a secret son with his ex Natasha. 

Realising the timing was cruel, Nick tried to keep his son Sam hidden from Leanne.

But when she discovered the truth, she admitted that she hated Nick for the life he'd now have with Sam.

Matters were made worse when Leanne realised that Nick didn’t support her efforts to keep a suffering Oliver alive.

Telling him he felt like he’d betrayed her, she told him their relationship was over. 

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Leanne pack the rest of her things and tell Nick she’s going to stay in France with Eva, devastating him. 

Later, Leanne assures Toyah that a fresh start in France, away from everything that reminds her of Oliver, will do her a world of good. 

Meanwhile, Natasha takes Sam to see Nick to apologise for him turning up unannounced at Oliver’s funeral. 

They’re shocked to hear the news that Leanne has left Nick and is moving away to France. 

Seeing Nick’s pain, Sam decides to try and do something before it’s too late, sending a message to Leanne from Nick’s phone. 

Leann is lost for words when she receives a list of reasons from Sam telling her why she might grow to like him if she sticks around. 

Might Leanne stay after all?

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