Coronation Street spoilers: Peter Barlow rushed to hospital with liver failure after being locked inside by Steve

PETER Barlow is rushed to hospital with liver failure next week in Coronation Street after being locked inside by Steve McDonald.

The alcoholic was recently told his liver is failing after years of battling his addiction.

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But Peter refused any treatment and announced he wanted to die on his own terms.

Next week, Pete finds Peter stumbling and slurring his words when he fails to show up for his shift on the switch. 

Steve is disgusted by his apparent state of drunkenness and stops his leaving his home.

Peter tries to tell Steve that he’s sober but unwell, but Steve refuses to believe him and locks Peter inside. 

Later, Peter grows increasingly ill and tries to drag himself to the front door but collapses. 

Meanwhile, Carla and Lucas head back from town and arrive to the news that Peter has been rushed to hospital drunk. 

When Peter wakes up in hospital, he promises Carla that he hasn’t been drinking, but she’s not convinced.

Lucas arrives and asks Carla to return to Devon with him. 

She’s shocked when Steve urges her to go – and abandon Peter. 

Peter begs Carla to believe him, but she announces she can’t spend the rest of her life like this. 

She's taken aback, however, when the consultant interrupts and explains that Peter’s disorientation was caused by toxins arising from his liver failure – and not from alcohol.

Carla is horrified and asks Peter to forgive her, but he tells her not to stay with him out of pity. 

Meanwhile, Ken is aghast when he discovers what Steve has done, and tells him and Tracy they need to find somewhere else to live. 

Corrie viewers know that Carla recently cheated on Peter with his nephew Adam Barlow, leading Peter to fall off the wagon when he discovered the truth.

Peter then accused Carla of cheating yet again last month when her ex Lucas returned to the cobbles, but it became clear pretty quickly that he’d got the wrong end of the stick. 

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