Coronation Streets Lauren returns as she has ‘unfinished business’ with Max

Coronation Street: Shona and Max visit David in prison

Coronation Street star Cait Fitton teased there are still some unresolved feelings between Lauren Bolton and Max Turner as the teen makes her return.

However, official spoilers reveal she’s set to make a comeback in upcoming scenes, not knowing he’s now moved on to Bec (Luana Santos).

As Max heads to her flat, he’s rumbled when Gav (Noah Olaoye) approaches him to explain he’s been released from the STC early and wants to marry Bec, not knowing Max is now seeing her.

Revealing that they’re now together, Gav is full of rage and grabs him, just as Max spots Bec and shouts at her to run.

Although things take an unexpected turn when he sees Lauren heading towards him, months after leaving Weatherfield.

Confessing she’s fallen out with her mum and no longer wants anything to do with her dad Griff Reynolds (Michael Condron) or his thug mates, Lauren seems to want a fresh start.

Feeling sorry for her as she admits to sleeping at the bus station the night before, he takes her to the cafe where they catch up.

Although Max has now started to move on with his new love interest, could Lauren’s arrival stir up buried feelings?

Speaking to and other media publications about the dynamic between the two teens, Cait said: “I think there is unfinished business with Max and Lauren. I think there always will be.

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“There will always be love there, there will always be feelings there because they share the same trauma.

“When you go through something with someone and experience something with someone who has always been there for you through it or even experienced it with you, you do have those feelings there that you’re never going to forget.

“That’s what Max has been for Lauren, from my perspective, I do really think there will always be feelings there.”

Elsewhere in the soap, Max speaks to Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock) and reveals the CPS wants him to make a statement for Griff’s trial.

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After some encouragement, Spider tries to get Max to do the right thing.

Listening to his advice, Max decides to meet with the CPS lawyer with his step mum Shona (Julia Goulding) by his side.

During the meeting, the teen confirms that he’s willing to make a statement about how they groomed and manipulated him.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV from 8pm.

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