Coronavirus: Aggie MacKenzie makes TV comeback to help nation tackle disease

Cleaning queen Aggie Mackenzie makes her TV comeback Sunday night – in a bid to tackle coronavirus.

She will be helping the nation de-bug their houses in How To Deep Clean Your Home in an attempt to beat Covid-19.

Aggie, who previously co-hosted How Clean Is Your House?, will show us how to get rid of germs and bacteria lurking in seemingly clean homes.

She is joined by micro-biologist Val Edwards Jones and Dr Amir Khan.

The team look at the hidden dirt in our kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms and find out how it can make us ill.

Channel 5’s one-off grime-busting show will delve into how much bacteria can be found lurking on places such as our pillows and in kitchen sinks.

Aggie said: “Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep our homes clean and germs at bay.

“Pillows are something to really watchout for. People don’t think to clean them and they are full of sweat, saliva and skin cells.

“If a pillow feels heavy it’s due to all that matter having sunk inside.

“We should be washing them at least twice a year.”

Aggie presented How Clean Is Your House? with controversial Kim Woodburn from 2003 to 2008.

She revealed she has not spoken to her former co-star since they had a bust-up in 2008.

How To Deep Clean Your Home is on Channel 5 at 8pm, Sunday.

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