Couple transform derelict student house into dream family home

Back in 2017, Jamie Craven and husband Jack picked up a huge former student house as their new home.

The bungalow was spacious but quickly falling into disrepair.

Jaime, 29, and Jack, 28, bought the house for £295,000 in 2017 and then spent 18 months painstakingly renovating the building, doing most of the work themselves.

They had to basically knock everything down but it’s now a spacious five-bed, five-bathroom home in Rugeley, Staffs., with a playroom and dressing room.

The couple, who have two children Mila, four, and two-year-old Penny, found a lot of bargains on Facebook marketplace – with a brand new bath that originally cost £600 only costing them £60.

‘The house is quite unique – we’ve gone with a dark theme with natural wood and lots of plants but I love it,’ Jaime said.

‘We did all of the work ourselves apart from the knocking down the house and building the roof. We’ve spent a lot of time doing this up and making it into our perfect home.’

The couple, who own two businesses together, have renovated three homes prior to this but this is the first large-scale renovation project they have taken on – and Jaime was pregnant with Penny when they started.

The mum added: ‘The bungalow was being used as a rental property prior to being sold but we knew we were going to completely knock it down and start again – the windows were made of wood which had rotted, it was very cold, there were a lot of narrow corridors and tiny rooms.

‘This is our fourth renovation but definitely the biggest – we’ll probably stay here until the children have finished school as it’s our dream home and it’s in a really desired area.

‘We moved in in December 2017 and it didn’t have electric or gas – I was seven months pregnant at the time but it was just about liveable.

‘The renovation so far has cost us about £60,000 but we’re going to add another extension so that we can have a completely separate kitchen and study area.’

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