Daisy's stalker terror increases as police refuse to help in Coronation Street

Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) has been left terrified in recent Coronation Street episodes as stalker Justin’s (Andrew Still) behaviour has grown more worrying.

Tonight, Daisy and Daniel (Rob Mallard) made the decision to go to the police, after it was clear that he wouldn’t be leaving Daisy alone any time soon.

Before reaching that decision, Daniel sat down with Justin in the café, in an attempt to help him see sense.

He explained that he knew how Justin, who’s mum is currently very ill, was feeling, and explained what he went through with late wife Sinead (Katie McGlynn).

By the time their conversation was over, Daniel thought he had made a breakthrough.

However, it was clear that the talk had had no affect whatsoever on deluded Justin, who immediately payed Daisy a visit.

He told her that he understood now why she didn’t want to break Daniel’s heart, seeing as he had been through so much, and that he would back off to give her the time to end things.

Daisy was horrified as he insisted that they were in love, and that Daniel’s words hadn’t gotten through to him at all.

This led the couple to contact the police and explain everything that had happened, but things only got worse from there.

Local officer Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) informed them that at this stage there was nothing they could do. Instead, he suggested Daisy keep a diary of all the incidents and any witnesses from now on.

She insisted that their conversation at least be put on record, in the hopes that police involvement would scare Justin off.

Later, she received yet another message from her stalker, claiming that the police had been in touch. Completely unphased, he told her that he couldn’t believe Daniel had made her report him.

With Justin showing no signs of backing off, will he be dealt with before things go too far?

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