Disgusted Carla lashes out at evil Justin's sister in Corrie

A few months ago, Justin Rutherford’s (Andrew Still) sister paid a visit to Coronation Street to warn Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) that her brother is incredibly dangerous.

This led to Justin trying to attack Daisy with acid in an act of revenge, but Ryan (Ryan Prescott) was the person who ended up getting hit after he jumped in front of them both.

Now, as Ryan continues his recovery, he is facing the daunting prospect of going up in court and telling a room full of strangers how Justin’s actions destroyed the life he used to have.

When Karen pops by the pub, she tells Daisy how sorry she is for Justin’s attack and hopes that he’ll be sent down.

But when Carla (Alison King) and Ryan spot Karen in the pub later in the week, a row ensues, which leads to Ryan reminding Daisy that she went out of her way to split him up from Alya (Sair Khan).

With Justin determined to not get sent down, who’s side will Karen end up on?

Will she support Daisy and Ryan, or end up playing dirty for her brother’s sake?

And if the trial doesn’t conclude with Justin going to prison, what will that do to Daisy and Ryan, who have been growing closer in recent weeks?

‘Daisy didn’t go looking for these feelings and they weren’t intentional, she was just trying to take care of Ryan and it sort of snowballs out of control…’, Charlotte Jordan told us recently.

‘Although the acid attack was in no way her fault, she still feels like she has unintentionally ruined his life again and she feels responsible for his misery.

‘It’s going to be a really tough thing for her to work through.’

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