Dog The Bounty Hunter's daughter Lyssa shares sweet photos for daughter Mady's 11th birthday after sharing birth video

DOG the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Lyssa Chapman celebrated her youngest daughter, Madalynn, turning 11 on Friday with a birthing video and new photo gallery.

The 33-year-old is also mother to 18-year-old Abbie, who had her big birthday a few months ago.

To honor Mady on her 11th birthday, Lyssa shared a few sweet snaps of the tween smiling out at a restaurant.

Three photos showed the blondie in relatively the same scene — sitting at a table outside and laughing — but from different angles.

Former bail bondswoman Lyssa captioned the slideshow: “Happy Birthday to my Chicken raising 🐣 , dancing 💃🏾 , flipping, 🤸🏻‍♀️ smooth talking girl! 

“Mommy loves you to the Moon 🌙 and Back !”

She shared another post earlier in the day, which was an intimate video of herself giving birth to Mady 11 years ago.

The clip shows her late stepmom Beth as her “coach,” helping her deliver the baby while on the family’s former reality TV show.

When Mady was born, her mother simply said she was “perfect,” and Dog got emotional meeting his new granddaughter.

Lyssa said she was “proud to give birth on national television,” adding: “At the time it wasnt common for reality TV stars.”

She continued: “We miss you @mrsdog4real the BEST BIRTHING coach.”

A short while later, the mother of two added screenshots of her favorite moments from the birthing video, including ones of her sister Cecily and stepmom Beth “really helping “ her get through the experience.

Earlier this year, Lyssa — who’s now engaged to Leiana Evensen — was going through a rocky period with her dad because of how much she disliked his then-girlfriend Moon Angell.

The BABY by Lyssa Chapman clothing designer reconnected with Dog a few months ago after he split from Moon and called Lyssa to speak with her and her daughters.

The father of 12 called up his daughter as his granddaughter, Abbie, fulfilled his late wife Beth's final wishes and joined the US Air Force.

Now, the father of 12 is engaged to Francie Frane, and Lyssa has opened up about how much she loves Francie and their relationship.

Dog and Francie even celebrated Abbie’s 18th birthday all together back in June.

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