EastEnders Alfies tragic future sealed as AI says curing cancer is unlikely

EastEnders fans have been glued to their screens as they continue to watch fan-favourite Alfie Moon battle his inner demons on the BBC One soap.

Over the past few weeks viewers have seen Alfie learn that he needs to be tested for prostate cancer before he returned to the hospital for further blood tests.

This week, the cheeky chap has confirmed his diagnosis to unlikely confidant Phil Mitchell in a heartfelt meeting.

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Now fans are convinced that the actor will die from the condition, with many remembering he also had a benign tumour on his brain back in 2015.

Daily Star has put one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent “creative” tools Bard AI through its paces to find out what the condition will mean for Alfie Moon moving forward.

When asked if the beloved character will survive the unexpected illness, the system suggested three possible outcomes that fans should be prepared for.

The first devastating possibility is that Alfie will lose his life to the horrific disease following his previous battle with cancer.

It predicted: “One possibility is that Alfie will die from cancer. This would be a tragic outcome, but it would also be a realistic one. Cancer is a serious disease, and it is not always possible to cure.”

But it’s not all doom and gloom, with the program also suggesting that the TV regular will go into remission.

The system suggested: “Another possibility is that Alfie will go into remission. This would mean that the cancer is no longer active, but it could still come back.

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“Alfie would need to be monitored closely, and he would need to make lifestyle changes to reduce his risk of recurrence.”

Bard AI went on to suggest a “very unlikely” third suggestion that doctors will find a cure for cancer during his storyline.

It went on: “It is possible that Alfie will find a cure for cancer. This would be a groundbreaking medical achievement, and it would be a major victory for Alfie and his family. However, it is also a very unlikely outcome.”

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if Alfie Moon will be able to overcome the deadly illness.

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