EastEnders fans heartbroken as Lola gets baptised to one day be with daughter Lexi

EastEnders have aired yet more heartbreaking scenes on Wednesday night as young mum Lola was baptised by Reverend Mills.

Lola decided she wanted to be baptised following a visit from the Reverend and a chat with her young daughter, Lexi.

She wants to be able to find Lexi in heaven in years to come when Lexi eventually dies, despite never believing in God.

Ahead of the baptism, Lexi's dad Ben aired his frustrations about her dying to Lola saying that she can't give up as he struggles with her prognosis.

Lola was left in tears following the exchange but she was in better spirits as her friends and family gathered round her bedside for the religious moment.

EastEnders fans on Twitter were left in tears as the scenes aired as Lola's death drew nearer, with one person writing: "Such beautiful baptism scenes.

"I can't believe we only have 1 week left of Lola Pearce Brown. #EastEnders."

Another upset fan simply said: "God this is heartbreaking."

"This is breaking my heart" said another emotional fan following the scenes.

Another fan said: "Lola’s baptism was so moving. That overhead shot of her was so clever, giving the impression of her preparing to go up to heaven.

"And I love how protective and comforting Callum is with Lexi, always reaching his hand out to reassure her. Dad 2."

While another fan was happy with the scenes saying: "Didn’t think I’d be a fan of it tbh but that scene with Lola getting baptised was really good."

Later in the episode, Lola cuddled her daughter Lexi as they reflected on the service and spoke about Lola's death.

In some emotional scenes Lola told her young daughter that she will always be there with her in the good times and the bad.

She told Lexi that when times are hard she will feel her arms around her and when she is happy she will hear her laughing with her.

As the tears fell down her cheeks, Lexi told her mum that when she has a daughter she will tell them all about her mum.

Those scenes were even more heartbreaking for the viewers at home who again shared their sadness on social media.

One fan simply said: "This Lola and Lexi scene" with a series of heart broken emojis.

Another heartbroken fan tweeted to say: "When I have a daughter I’m going to tell her all about you, omg for a child to say that heartbreaking."

""I'll always be looking after you" Aw Lola #EastEnders" with a simple heart broken emoji.

Lola is set to go downhill quickly in the coming days as she dies next week leaving her family heart broken.


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