EastEnders spoilers – Kim gets BRUTAL news about daughter Pearl's behaviour, plus Coronation Street & Emmerdale latest

THERE'S never a dull moment in the world of soaps – with more dramatic & explosive storylines set to unfold next week.

Family heartbreak will be laid bare in Coronation Street as Sam Blakeman says goodbye to mother Natasha at an emotional funeral.

Over on Walford Square, EastEnders fans will be gripped by Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway's fractious marriage – while Zack, Martin and Saron will finally learn who Alyssa's biological father really is.

In Emmerdale, Tracy plans an intimate date night, but Nate heads into Hotten-and meets a woman named Fiona, who proceeds to chat him up.

Meanwhile in Hollyoaks, Misbah Maalik breaks down as she reveals Ali Shahzad raped her.

For all the latest soap news, gossip and spoilers follow our live blog below…

  • Joseph Gamp

    What time is Emmerdale on tonight?

    Emmerdale is one of the few soaps that is on every weekday.

    This means you can it Monday to Friday on ITV1 at 7pm.

    However, on Tuesday and Thursdays viewers get an extra episode at 8pm.

    Any missed episodes can be watched on the ITV Hub.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Inside EastEnders’ Jean Slater actress Gillian Wright’s incredible home

    GILLIAN Wright is best know for playing the lovable Jean Slater in EastEnders, which she joined in 2004.

    But when the 61-year-old star isn't filming for the BBC One soap, she is relaxing in her incredible home with her adorable rescue dog, Scruff.

    The actress has shared glimpses into her cosy abode on her Instagram profile, with her beloved pooch often taking centre stage.

    Much of Gillian's home has a light and breezy feel, with white walls and neutral furniture.

    In one snap, Scruff can be seen perched on top of the cream-coloured sofa – adorned with white blankets – as he looks outside of the window "waiting for the postman".

    But Gillian is also a fan of attention-grabbing decor, which adds more personalised detail to the space.

    Next to Scruff on the sofa is a brightly-patterned cushion, with Gillian also showing off her crafty side with other personal touches.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Himesh Patel’s life after soap (continued…)

    Himesh, 29, has hit the big-time following his departure from Albert Square in 2016. He's appeared in two major films but most recently has graced our small screens in The Luminaries.

    After performing in his first school play aged 11, his parents then signed him up for a local theatre group, the Key Youth Theatre in Peterborough.

    Himesh made his debut into the world of film in 2019 in Yesterday – a romcom in which he plays the leading man who takes credit for all The Beatles' music as no one else can remember them.

    In 2019 he also starred in The Aeronauts alongside big names like Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.

    He also appeared in Christopher Nolan's Tenet, Himesh played a pivotal character alongside John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and Michael Caine.

  • Joseph Gamp

    EastEnders star Himesh Patel’s life after soap exit

    EASTENDERS star Himesh Patel played lovable geek Tamwar Masood for nine years – but since his soap exit his acting career has skyrocketed.

    The actor starred in the BBC soap from 2007 to 2016 and has surprised fans over the years by landing huge roles in Hollywood films and various TV dramas.

    The market inspector said goodbye to Albert Square five years ago, leaving Walford for a new life in Australia with on-screen wife Nancy Carter (Maddy Hilly).

    However, since Nancy's return earlier this year, fans have begged for Tamwar to make an epic comeback.

    But since is soap exit Himesh has been making a name for himself across the pond – landing huge roles in blockbuster films.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Sarah Jayne says she 'worked hard' on her figure

    Speaking exclusively to The Sun, the actress said that she is proud to showcase her figure online because she has "worked hard" on it as she addressed the furore for the first time.

    She told us: "For me, this is about having the right as a woman of 40 years to decide what is right for me.

    "I love photoshoots and I've worked hard for my figure. I don't make a secret of the fact that I get a big boost out of it, and I'm not apologetic for that."

  • Joseph Gamp

    Sarah Jayne Dunn's difficult week

    It has been a difficult week for the star, with The Sun revealing that she'd been fired from her role of Mandy Richardson after more than 25 years.

    The mum-of-one had been stripping off on subscription-only site OnlyFans for several weeks after signing up, but Hollyoaks bosses warned her over her conduct because the soap has a young audience.

    But Sarah refused to quit the 18+ website, leading to her being axed from her six-figure role.

    Despite Sarah being one of their biggest stars, they feared her raunchy online content was at odds with the show's young viewers, but fans have since accused producers of being "hypocrites" – arguing that the soap's storylines are racier than Sarah's pics.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Sarah Jayne Dunn seen for first time since Hollyoaks axing

    SARAH Jayne Dunn has been spotted for the first time since she was explosively axed from Hollyoaks.

    The 40-year-old star appeared to be in good spirits as she walked her pet dog with husband Jonathan Smith.

    The pair braved the November chill as they stepped out for coffee, with Sarah Jayne wrapping up warm in a chic black biker jacket with a fur trim.

    She dressed down in a pair of baggy jeans and black shoes, her blonde hair tied into a casual ponytail.

    The star showed off her natural beauty in minimal make-up, and smiled widely as she linked arms with her husband and they took turns holding the pooch's lead.

    While Sarah appeared to be happy as she took in some fresh air, she briefly looked stony-faced while checking her mobile phone.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Corrie viewers convinced Curtis is lying about his illness

    CORONATION Street viewers are convinced that Curtis Delamere is “lying” about his illness and it’s only a matter of time until he’s caught out.

    ITV viewers have become wary of Curtis after spotting a string of “highly suspicious” clues.

    The medical student – who is played by actor Sam Retford in the ITV soap – revealed earlier this year that he is living with a life-threatening condition.

    Viewers were baffled by Curtis’ recent behaviour after he began acting very cagey about his heart condition.

    The boyfriend of Emma Brooker has left fans sceptical as he often tries not to disclose too much information about his illness.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Emmerdale viewers open-mouthed as Arthur Thomas returns to soap

    EMMERDALE viewers were gobsmacked at how TALL Arthur Thomas had grown after he returned to the soap.

    Arthur – who is played by Alfie Clarke since 2009 – showed off how much taller he had got in such short space of time.

    The 13-year-old appeared on the latest episode to help Liam Cavanagh with his eco-friendly greenhouse.

    And his absence has given the actor the chance to have a growth spurt.

    He returned last night and fans were confused as he appeared to have grown hugely in height and age.Viewers even went as far as saying he was unrecognisable from just a few months ago as he towered over other characters.

    One wrote: "How has little Arthur grown so tall so quickly??? #Emmerdale", while another posted: "Arthur is 6ft 5 he’s grew a bit."

  • Joseph Gamp

    Sarah Jayne Dunn's involvement with OnlyFans

    Earlier this week, The Sun revealed that Sarah Jayne's tenure on the popular show had come to an abrupt end after a row over her involvement with OnlyFans.

    The beauty had been stripping off online for several weeks after joining the 18+ website, which sees users pay a subscription fee for exclusive saucy snaps.

    However, Hollyoaks' bosses warned her over her conduct as the show has a young audience, with producers finally taking the decision to axe Sarah Janye from the job.

    Despite her being one of their biggest stars, they feared Sarah's raunchy online content was at odds with the show's young viewers.

    They have since been accused of being "hypocrites" by fans, who have claimed that the soap's storylines are racier than her pics.

    Sarah has enjoyed six separate stints on Hollyoaks over the years, most recently reprising her role in 2017.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Sarah Jayne Dunn on GMB (continued…)

    Slamming Sarah Jayne’s decision, Dominique Samuels said: “It is generally known for online pornography and that is why OnlyFans considered removing the x-rated content from it’s website due to concerns from card processing companies.

    “In my opinion I think it promotes a commodification and glorification of quite frankly prostitution and I don’t think it’s healthy for young girls. The reality is most  young women go into sex work because of things like mental health, addiction , poverty.

    “What we are seeing is a lot of celebrities who are cushioned by their wealth and their fame, promoting this sort of online prostitution as if it’s something to aspire to, when it’s not. The average person does not make 1000s a week, the average person makes on average £130 a month from OnlyFans.”

    In response Sarah hit back saying: “This isn’t about saying everyone should do OnlyFans, this is about taking control of your own images, your own choices and what you want to do with your body.

    “That is not saying go out there and do porn, that is saying go out there and take control of what you do. It’s not promoting the site and saying everyone should do it. Again, it’s a choice, it’s a choice to do what you want to do on there and it’s about control and it’s not forcing anyone to get on it. “

  • Joseph Gamp

    Hollyoaks’ Sarah Jayne Dunn in fiery Good Morning Britain clash

    HOLLYOAKS star Sara Jayne Dunn was forced to defend her decision to be on X-rated OnlyFans site  during a heated debated on Good Morning Britain today.

    The actress, 40, was accused of “glorifying prostitution” as she went head to head with commentator Dominque Samuels on today’s show.

    Sarah appeared on the show after losing her job playing Mandy on Hollyoaks after refusing to give up positing on the over 18’s platform.

    Dominque argued that the OnlyFans is seen through “rose tinted glasses” and it sends the wrong message to young girls.

  • Joseph Gamp

    EastEnders: Violet's heartbreaking confession

    Fans were in tears at Violet’s confession.

    One wrote: "OMG Vi has a secret Son out there somewhere in the world seriously? #EastEnders 😨"

    A second said: "It'll be interesting to see Vi's secret son Christopher. I wonder how Callum & Stuart would be with him? Jonno's half brother?"

    Another added: "Vi’s secret son is going to show up at any time. Mark my words."

  • Joseph Gamp

    EastEnders fans in tears as Violet Highway reveals devastating family

    EASTENDERS’ Violet Highway has revealed her heartbreaking family secret and left viewers in tears.

    The pensioner – who is played by actress Gwen Taylor in the BBC soap – was left distraught when her son Jonno sold all her belongings including a cherished children’s book.

    And it was soon revealed that it contained the only picture she had kept of her pregnancy with the son she gave up for adoption. After discovering the book hiding the picture had been sold to Kim Fox, Vi tried to buy it back but Kim wouldn’t allow it.

    Later Patrick found it and took it over to Violent and lent her an ear.

    “Nobody knows I was pregnant,” she said as she held the picture of her heavily pregnant from 30 years ago.

    “Fifty one and look at me – it’s not natural, is it? I know you get the odd freak show in the tabloids but it’s not safe. It’s not right. And I should have known better. My Freddie had done a runner, the marriage was in tatters, it was a hook up, a booty call. It’s wrong, I tell you."

  • Joseph Gamp

    Corrie: Kelly Neelan’s plan to get Nina Lucas to forgive her backfires

    CORONATION Street's Kelly Neelan's plans to get make amends with Nina Lucas – but it backfires when she's gets tangled up in a criminal gang.

    Next week, Kelly’s appeal hearing takes place and the judge declares that she’s releasing her with immediate effect.

    After a visit from the social worker, Imran and Toyah are appalled to realise they might have to choose between Kelly and Elsie.

    Later in the week, Imran and Toyah fervently hope they’re not made to choose between their girls.

    Kelly returns to the street and approaches Nina in a bid to build bridges, but Nina makes it clear that she will never forgive her. 

    Toyah reveals to Kelly that Imran cheated on her and they’re no longer a couple. But Kelly urges Toyah to give Imran a second chance. Toyah then reluctantly reveals to Kelly that Elsie might have to move out.

    The troubled teen reaches a decision and for Elsie’s sake, tells Lou she wants to live somewhere else.

  • Joseph Gamp

    EastEnders: Who is Pearl's dad Vincent?

    It's been a tough few weeks for Kim after broke the news to Pearl that her dad Vincent had died.

    Viewers were heartbroken for Kim as she delivered the gut-wrenching news.

    Vincent – who was played by Richard Blackwood – disappeared in mysterious circumstances back in 2018 after getting mixed up with corrupt cop Aidan Maguire.

    Although viewers never actually saw what happened next, it was only recently revealed that Vincent was murdered.

  • Joseph Gamp

    EastEnders: Kim Fox receives shocking news about daughter Pearl

    EASTENDERS' Kim Fox receives shocking news about daughter Pearl next week.

    The bubbly Walford resident discovers that Pearl is having behavioural issues at school.

    Her teacher pays Kim a visit explaining that Pearl needs to be challenged more because she is so smart, making Kim more determined than ever to send her to a private school.

    Later in the week, Isaac tries to get Kim to see that that private schools aren’t the only way to give Pearl a good education.

    However, Kim doesn’t budge, vowing to set up an online donation site for her followers to contribute to.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Where is Emmerdale filmed?

    When Emmerdale first catapulted onto our screens back in 1972, it was filmed in the village of Arncliffe in North Yorkshire. 

    In 1975, the fictional village moved to West Yorkshire in order to cut production costs and was filmed in another real-life village, Esholt in Shipley.

    The exterior scenes of the soap were filmed at Esholt for 22 years but by 1998 local residents had grown tired of the production crew’s presence and the tourists the soap was attracting.

    ITV then set up a replica of Esholt on the outskirts of Leeds for external filming.

    Interior scenes are shot at ITV’s studio in the city. 

  • Milica Cosic

    EastEnders fans in tears as Violet Highway reveals devastating family secret

    EASTENDERS’ Violet Highway has revealed her heartbreaking family secret and left viewers in tears.

    The pensioner – who is played by actress Gwen Taylor in the BBC soap – was left distraught when her son Jonno sold all her belongings including a cherished children’s book.

    One wrote: “OMG Vi has a secret Son out there somewhere in the world seriously? #EastEnders 😨”

    A second said: “It’ll be interesting to see Vi’s secret son Christopher. I wonder how Callum & Stuart would be with him? Jonno’s half brother?”

    Another added: “Vi’s secret son is going to show up at any time. Mark my words.”

  • Milica Cosic

    Emmerdale shock as Jamie Tate is revealed as alive

    EMMERDALE fans are in shock after Jamie Tate was revealed as being alive having faked his death.

    The vet – who is played by actor Alexander Lincoln in the ITV soap – was presumed dead after driving his car into a lake.

    However tonight he was seen alive and well having pulled off his scheme to disappear.

    The Sun can confirm that this was Alexander Lincoln’s final appearance as Jamie and there are no plans for the character to return.

    ans are in shock at the scene.

    One wrote: “OMG I was right Jamie was alive all along”

    A second said: “Omg it was so obvious Jamie was still alive but it was a good twist to see him back!!”

    Another added: “I knew it!!!! Jamie’s not dead. I feel sorry for Kim now😭😭😭”

  • Milica Cosic

    How to get the latest gossip from Emmerdale Farm

    Emmerdale is a long-running ITV soap drama which first hit TV screens in 1972.

    You can stay up to date with the latest gossip by checking our Emmerdale page.

    And you can even find out all the newest Emmerdale spoilers here

  • Milica Cosic

    Explained: When is Coronation Street next on TV?

    Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    You can catch it on ITV1, ITV+1 and the ITV Hub.

    On Monday and Wednesdays, the show is on at 7.30pm and then again at 8.30pm.

    On Fridays there is an hour long episode from 7.30pm.

  • Milica Cosic

    Blast from the past

    Earlier this week, Jean was left gobsmacked when daughter Stacey revealed that she had married a woman in prison.

    Jean's son Sean – played by actor Robert Kazinsky – made a shock comeback to the soap to confront Stacey's new wife Eve.

    The actor has revealed he will return in the future – whenever he's back in the UK from his home in America.

    He told the Metro: “Earlier this year I was able to visit my family in the UK for the first time in years thanks to the global pandemic and a thankfully difficult work schedule, and while I was packing my bags I sent Kate Oates an email.

    “It was simple really, I live in LA and when conditions allow I’ll try and see my family every year – or more if I can – so I though why wouldn’t Sean do that. Pop in for a cuppa?

    “So I said to Kate, I’m in London for one day, let’s write a scene and I’ll swing by in the morning and we can do it, better than that, every time I’m in the UK, if I can. Let’s do it again and she rallied the troops and made it happen.”

  • Milica Cosic

    Corrie viewers in tears over THAT drowning scene

    ITV viewers were in tears after Johnny drowned after confessing his love for ex-wife Jenny.

    The businessman – who is played by actor Richard Hawley in the ITV soap – bravely saved Jenny’s life after she fell into the sinkhole.

    In heartbreaking scenes Carla watched as Jenny was brought out without Johnny and it dawned on her what had happened.

    Carla broke down in tears and viewers were with her.

    One wrote: "Aww that was heartbreaking hearing Johnny calling out Aidens name."

    A second said: "I cannot believe the lovely Johnny Connor has gone! 😢"

    Another added: "Poor Johnny, I’m beyond heartbroken and when we heard Aiden’s voice well that was it!! 💔😭🌹 R.I.P Johnny 🌹"

  • Milica Cosic

    Emmerdale: Bernice and Will grow closer at Home Farm

    EMMERDALE is lining up a shock storyline for Kim Tate as lover Will Taylor grows closer to another woman.

    The scheming superbitch – who is played by actress Claire King in the ITV soap – has taken Will into her confidences and vice versa over the last year.

    She has even agreed to keep his secret about the murder of DI Malone – with the corrupt cop’s body buried on Home Farm.

    However next week things are set to take a turn for the pair’s relationship.

    Fed up of Kim’s control over Paddy, Chas hatches a plan and soon she and Paddy kidnap Kim’s racehorse and issue ransom demands of their own.

    Turning to Will for help, Kim is shocked when he refuses.

    Standing up to Kim, he explains he can’t be with her if she continues with her destructive behaviour. 

    Will she listen to his words? Or will she ignore him and continue on her vendetta?

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